Zodiac signs that will be lucky in July 2023

Everyone needs luck, but it does not always come to us. Astrologers told us which of us in July will be luckier than the rest. Of course, if you do not find yourself on the list of lucky ones, this is not a reason to be upset. You just need to be a little more careful and careful.

According to our articles about the days of power and dangerous days of July, at the beginning of the month Mercury will bring problems, and throughout the entire time attempts to annoy us will be made by retrograde Neptune. For this reason, the most successful and fortunate people are likely to be those who are least affected by a distant retro planet.


Yes, the beginning of the month may seem difficult for Gemini, but in general, this time can be a period of great victories and energy take-off for them. With a high probability, Gemini will be able to find a common language with those with whom it was not possible to do this before. This will be especially good in the second half of the month. The closer Mercury is to the Sign of Virgo, the more Gemini will receive support from this planet.

July is a time of great luck in matters relating to a change of scenery. You can safely make repairs, visit new places, and go on business and personal trips. Astrologers advise Gemini not to lose heart if something goes wrong. Any problem in July is completely solvable. You just need to learn to accept difficulties and remain calm in any situation.


For Leo Neptune will not be able to cause problems. There is still a possibility of problems, but it is minimal. This means that financial and love affairs of Leo will not be mired in problems and troubles. Most likely, problems will arise from inaction. In July, Leos are extremely lucky in terms of new beginnings. They can safely take on something new. The main thing now is not to lose the ability to put yourself in the place of other people. Most likely, other Zodiac Signs will have a hard time, so it is important to show your interest in helping by all means.

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You can safely engage in any business without too much fanaticism. If the Lions lose their heads, then at the same time they can lose their luck. A bit of caution will allow these people to stay afloat and even break into the lead. Mercury in Leo and Virgo will play an important role in this.


Capricorns will be able to do what they really wanted to do for a long time, but what they did not dare to do. The planets will give them courage, but it is better not to go forward without caution. Since Neptune can still play its negative role.

Capricorns in July will be lucky in terms of overcoming sudden problems. If suddenly their life changes dramatically, they will be able to quickly adapt to new conditions. Luck will lie in the ability to get out of the water dry, saving yourself and your family from various troubles.

We wish you success in all your endeavors. Let July be the time of victories for you, regardless of whether you found your Zodiac sign in the list of the most successful or not. Astrologers advise you to follow horoscopes and the lunar calendar. To get more useful information about what this or that day, period will be like.

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