Zodiac sign Taurus: love, relationships, marriage

People born under the zodiac sign Taurus are very affectionate towards their other half. They are loving and generous with compliments and actions for the sake of love.

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Taurus chooses their partner very carefully. They are quite demanding about the opposite sex, but they can also lose their heads from a person who does not fit any of their criteria. People of this constellation are often immersed in a series of unimportant romances, but all this time they hope to meet the only person in their life with whom they can live their whole lives.

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Having found themselves a couple, Taurus shows themselves in relationships as true romantics. They strive to devote all their time to the second half. Representatives of this zodiac sign know how to look after beautifully, give gifts, and give attention. Sometimes they can be intrusive. This is explained by the fact that Taurus wants to constantly be close to the one they love. They are owners by nature. It is difficult for them to realize that their other half, in addition to love relationships, is engaged in other matters. Taurus tries to limit the freedom of their chosen one or chosen one, thereby becoming a quiet domestic tyrant.

When the ardor cools down over time, Taurus becomes more loyal to their partner. Having work as the main priority in their lives, they begin to spend time with their other half less often. But despite this, their relationship becomes even stronger.

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They are patient and calm, and can easily get away with all the antics of their other half. But Taurus’ patience is not ironclad. Ultimately, it will come to a conflict and Taurus will find it difficult to contain their anger. However, Taurus does not like to conflict. They rarely raise their voice to their partner and always strive to resolve the conflict peacefully. People of this sign are always the first to take a step towards reconciliation.

In marriage, Taurus enjoys all the delights of family life. They cope well with household responsibilities, can support their family in abundance, and show themselves as caring and reverent spouses and parents. Monotonous family life is for them. They love stability and confidence in the future, so everything in their life should be planned for several years.

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In married life, Taurus values ​​not only love and devotion but also sex. For them, it is an integral part of family life. Taurus has a special attitude towards sex. They see in it not just the satisfaction of their needs, but the connection of two souls and the manifestation of true love.

Even if the marriage gives a big crack, Taurus will not destroy the family. In addition, they rarely commit treason. This is explained by the fact that representatives of this zodiac sign do not like change. It is difficult for them to get used to a new relationship after several years of married life.

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