Zodiac sign Scorpio: love, relationships, marriage

People born under the constellation Scorpio have an untamed nature. They attract the opposite sex with their magnetism and mystery. Scorpios are passionate and gambling people. If they fall in love, then this feeling develops into obsession.

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In relationships with the opposite sex, they are helped not only by gallant manners but also by well-developed intuition. They always know how to please their partner, what words to choose, and how to get their way. As a rule, Scorpios quickly captivate the object of their affection. They love to give gifts and shower a person with compliments. In relationships with the opposite sex, Scorpios always choose the position of a fighter. They love to fight and get their way. They will not be embarrassed by competitors in the heart of their other half. Scorpio is always confident in his abilities and goes to the bitter end.

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They are predators in love. Having acquired a victim, Scorpios become real tyrants. True, they usually act through manipulation and blackmail. They are very jealous, but at the same time, they do not allow their other half to limit their freedom. Scorpios find it difficult to control themselves. Their feelings are so strong that they can spill out and destroy the relationship. In a fit of anger, they can do something irreparable and then repent for a long time.

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Representatives of this zodiac sign always strive for power, even in relationships. They tend to control their other half and doubt her sincere feelings. Scorpio’s passion must have a strong character since Scorpios do not tolerate insecure and weak people next to them.

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What do Scorpios expect from their other half? The answer is obvious: passion, unquestioning submission, and mind-blowing sex. By the way, sex plays a special role in the life of Scorpio. Love and sex for representatives of this constellation are completely unrelated things. Thus, having sincere feelings for one person, Scorpios can easily have sexual intercourse with another. At the same time, they will not feel any guilt.

In addition, to contain the ardor of Scorpios, they need a person nearby who can cool their growing emotions. This must be a person who can compete with them, but at the same time be on their side.

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Scorpios can make great parents. They are ready to devote all their free time to raising children and creating comfort in their homes. Family plays an important role in their lives. Marriage ties for Scorpios are not at all a burden, since people of this constellation themselves choose the model of family relationships that suits them.

For a long and strong marriage, Scorpios need to constantly be on the edge of a knife. They are attracted by everything unknown, they will always be in search of new sensations. Therefore, the second half of Scorpio needs to create all the conditions so that marriage does not turn into a routine.

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