Zodiac sign Pisces: love, relationships, marriage

People born under the constellation Pisces have a special attitude towards love. Often they come up with a wonderful image of the second half and look for it among real people.

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Any Pisces relationship, be it a fleeting romance or a long marriage, leaves an indelible imprint on their heart. They will long remember their adventures and feelings that brought them both suffering and happiness.

Pisces want tenderness, affection, and warmth from their partner. They are well aware of lies and hypocrisy. Their intuition and insight do not leave the slightest chance for a traitor. However, if a conflict occurs in a couple that can destroy the relationship, then Pisces can doubt and analyze the situation for a long time. It is difficult for them to make a choice: leave or stay. This makes Pisces vulnerable and unable to manage the situation in the relationship.

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By nature, representatives of this zodiac sign are not conquerors. Even if they are deeply in love, they will not take the first step. And if they see a rival next to them, they will completely leave the path and indulge in suffering from unrequited love. By the way, it is Pisces who most often experiences unrequited love. But, oddly enough, it does not bring them powerlessness and torment. On the contrary, suffering from unrequited love, Pisces can simultaneously realize their creative potential, pouring out their feelings, for example, on a piece of canvas.

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Representatives of this zodiac sign take marriage quite seriously. A wedding is an important step for them. Typically, Pisces choose a life partner once and live with him for the rest of their lives. Starting a family for them is a new step in life, so they prefer to rise to this level with a reliable person.

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In the Pisces family, as a rule, they do not even try to become leaders. They can do everything to ensure that mutual understanding and love reign in relationships, but they are not always ready to make responsible decisions. The best match for them is people of strong character who can guide them in the right direction, and help with advice and support. Pisces in marriage are like children. They will demand increased attention to themselves and will be offended if they do not get what they want.

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In case of conflicts in the family, Pisces takes a defensive position. In general, they do not like to argue in a raised voice and prefer to resolve the issue peacefully.

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Representatives of this constellation rarely cheat. They are constant in their demands and will demand the same from their significant other. However, if Pisces feels that their partner is taking away too much freedom from them, then the relationship may deteriorate sharply. People of the Pisces zodiac sign need a constant reminder of love for them, otherwise they will lose interest in their other half.

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