Zodiac sign Libra

A characteristic feature of all Libra is their duality. There is a constant struggle going on inside their consciousness. They tend to doubt and think for a long time before making a decision.

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Often they are insecure. However, Libra tends to overcome all problems and doubts on their own. Libra does not like to listen to anyone’s advice, even if they don’t really know what to do in this situation. They do not tolerate pressure even from close people. It is important for them to come to the right decision themselves.

You need to believe in Libra, then they can become more decisive and self-confident. In an atmosphere of conflict and misunderstanding, Libra feels uncomfortable. They tend to strive for justice and personal freedom. Representatives of this zodiac sign will never be able to overstep the principles to achieve the goal. They won’t go over their heads to get what they want. Libra is endowed with childish naivety and perseverance. They are not characterized by aggression and the manifestation of anger. They seek to resolve all important issues through a peaceful settlement.

With tact, courtesy, and excellent diplomatic skills, Libra can always get his way. They look at defeats and failures philosophically. They don’t get discouraged. People of the Libra constellation are always trying to analyze their actions, calculate all the wrong actions, and draw conclusions. Before starting any serious business, Libra tends to calculate everything a few steps ahead. Their strategic thinking helps to avoid an unpleasant turn of events.

In relationships with people, Libra requires respect and sympathy. They are sociable and tactful. In the family, Libra cannot live without love and understanding. They quickly become attached to people. Love and respect are the main elements in a Libra relationship.

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Libras are very sensitive to the world around them. Because of this vulnerability, they can experience not only stress but also serious illnesses. The most vulnerable places in their body are the kidneys, intestines, and bladder. In addition, Libras are prone to allergies. The female half of this constellation should carefully select cosmetics to avoid a rash. In order for the body of Libra not to let them down, you should be in the fresh air more often, avoid sources of stress and depression, and exercise. Libra is able to feel illnesses at the stage of their appearance. However, not all representatives of this zodiac sign attach importance to the signals of their bodies.

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Ideal diet

To improve health, Libra needs to eat right. They are encouraged to consume dairy products, fish, and lean meats. Also, Libra should drink water more often. It will restore the body, and give vigor and activity. In food, Libra needs to avoid foods high in sugar and starch. To maintain tone, Libra is recommended to play sports. At the same time, they should avoid heavy loads on the body.

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In work, Libras manifest themselves as active and purposeful people. They are by no means innovative. But they are not inclined to conservatism either. If the representatives of this zodiac sign take up something new, they will definitely think through everything to the smallest detail. They do not like to rely on “at random” and approach each case with all responsibility. Libras love to work in a team. They always try to be on good terms with colleagues, they can help at work and give advice. However, they also like to work all alone. This can be explained by the tendency to individualism.

If Libra takes the position of a subordinate in their activities, then the leader can completely trust the representative of this zodiac sign. Libras are always serious about what they do. They will make every effort to achieve the desired result. Moving up the career ladder, Libra does not forget about moral principles and life beliefs. They do not tend to substitute colleagues for their own benefit.

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Representatives of this constellation achieve success in their work only through their perseverance and diligence. Libra in a leadership position requires discipline and organization from employees. They are excellent strategists, always considering the nuances before making a decision. In relation to subordinates, Libra leaders are quite loyal. They do not tend to raise their voice and put a colleague in an awkward position.

There are a lot of areas of activity in which representatives of this constellation can manifest themselves. With tact and the ability to get his way in dealing with people, Libra may well become a successful diplomat, lawyer, and salesman. They know how to convince and find an approach to a person. They can perfectly embody these abilities in trade and business.

Passion for analysis and flexible thinking gives rise to Libra’s penchant for the exact sciences and the humanities. There are many teachers, scientists, and researchers in Libras. Libra also has a penchant for art. They can perfectly show their talents in the acting field. Libra is also suitable for the profession of a designer, artist, writer, or journalist.

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Libras do not seek to get rich. Money for them is a way to live freely and make their dreams come true. They are not demanding in everyday life and food, so their lifestyle cannot be called chic. Sometimes Libras are very careless with their finances. They can easily lend money and forget about it. However, if Libra themselves borrow, then they give the money exactly on time. Libra tends to spend finances at will. They rarely deny themselves something. However, people of this constellation are almost never left with empty pockets, since they plan their income in advance. Libra is dismissive of bank deposits. It is easier for them to keep their savings at home than to get involved in paperwork for an agreement with the bank.

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To attract good luck, Libra should choose stones that correspond to their internal state and character. Malachite is suitable for those Libra who have connected their lives with art. This stone gives its owner peace of mind, harmony, and charm. It is able to enhance creative data.

Aquamarine will help you cope with their changeable mood. Also, this stone is great for those involved in the field of diplomacy. Aquamarine helps to resolve conflicts, tense situations and helps to find an approach to people. The stone can be carried with you to business negotiations and meetings.

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Amethyst promotes the development of intuition, memory, and intelligence. This stone helps in the development of new knowledge and assists in learning. In addition, aquamarine is endowed with healing properties. It can have a beneficial effect on the endocrine system and kidneys.

Beryl, opal, and tourmaline have a beneficial effect on the balance of Libra. These stones influence the volatile nature of Libra. They are able to moderate the doubts and indecisive nature of the representatives of this constellation. Beryl copes with negative emotions and bestows optimism and self-confidence. Opal contributes to the proper distribution of the energy of Libra. This stone gives vivacity, and activity and neutralizes laziness, boredom, and impotence. Tourmaline endows Libra with positive energy and balances the dual nature of this zodiac sign. These stones will help to find peace of mind, and their owner will be able to control their emotions and mood.

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The talisman of the zodiac sign Libra is the heart. It is a symbol of energy and life. Such a talisman gives Libra determination and a desire to gain new knowledge. Suitable for Libra and the talismans of Japanese and ancient Greek symbols. Talismans in the form of a frog, Cupid, and the eye of God Odin will bring them success and joy. Also, the image of scales is considered a talisman of this constellation. This is their essence and reflections of their character. This talisman will enhance the positive qualities of Libra and help to pacify the negative influence of the outside world.

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The color spectrum of Libra is quite diverse. Blue color emphasizes the belonging of this zodiac sign to the element of Air. This color speaks of reliability, intelligence, and prudence. It helps Libra to be in a harmonious state, regulates mood volatility, and bestows insight. Lemon color is responsible for an optimistic mood, good spirits, and perseverance. Light shades of yellow give rise to responsiveness, creativity, openness, and sociability. The green color is able to give Libra self-confidence. This color makes a person representative, reliable and businesslike. He endows Libra with positive energy and reduces the degree of suspiciousness.

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