Zodiac sign Leo: love, relationships, marriage

Leos can express themselves in love as passionate and temperamental individuals. Their requirements for a partner, as a rule, are very high. Leo’s passion must be attractive, understanding, and intellectually developed.

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Leos loves to look after and shows signs of attention and care. They are ready to constantly give generous gifts and surprise their soulmate. However, the real reason for such gestures is not to please the person. In these ways, Leos increases their self-esteem and strokes their pride.

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A gift given by Leos must be appreciated. Leos are greedy for praise. It is important for them, in response to a generous gift or an original surprise, not just to hear “thank you,” but to feel the admiring gaze of their other half.

Leo’s love is always an incomparable feeling. People of this sign are ready to surrender to their partner with all their broad souls. However, in return, they will also require full commitment.

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A significant disadvantage noticed by the representatives of this constellation is the inability and unwillingness to solve problems that have arisen in a couple. After the candy-bouquet period, when feelings on both sides fade a little, Leos may feel a lack of those emotions to which they are already accustomed. A small disagreement can lead Leo to an absurd act. He can simply abandon his other half and leave, thereby avoiding a showdown and solving the problem.

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Leos may sometimes feel that the person next to them is not at all the same as they previously thought. Leos tend to believe that they always deserve something more, so they tend to change partners recklessly.

In relationships, Leos can show themselves as real egoists. They will constantly expect admiring glances, support, and care from their partner. Leos do not like being ignored and their opinions not being listened to. Even in the family, Leos strives to always be at the center of attention and be an example to follow.

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Conflicts in the Leo family are quite common. Quarrels can arise even out of nowhere. It’s all about the very essence of people of this zodiac sign. They must always be right in everything. They care little about the opinion of their other half about themselves. Leos are sensitive to criticism, considering themselves ideal in everything.

In general, an affair with Leo is an exciting and romantic adventure, where there are outbreaks of crazy passion and periods of misunderstanding and quarrels. Leos are ready to give their partner many unforgettable experiences. However, it is worth remembering that love for them is a game, the rules of which they set themselves.

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In marriage, Leos will be happy only if all their secret aspirations and desires are satisfied. Leos must feel indispensable and superior. This gives them the energy to create a strong family.

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