Zodiac sign Gemini: love, relationships, marriage

People born under the zodiac sign Gemini are passionate but fickle lovers. They are attractive and sociable to win over a person. However, what they have is often not enough for them, and they again go in search of their true love.

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In relationships with the opposite sex, they are constantly looking for new sensations. Geminis quickly becomes bored with people who begin to feel strong affection for them. Representatives of this zodiac sign cannot exist without personal freedom; it is difficult for them to imagine their lives where there is no place for independence, freedom, and ease.

Geminis tend to give warmth and affection even to those people to whom they do not feel a strong attraction. They love to give people pleasure. Geminis may show themselves as ardent and passionate lovers, but deep down they will remain cold and unapproachable. Such duality manifests itself in them until they decide to put an end to their love relationships and begin to look for their other half.

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Leaving behind many broken hearts, Gemini sets out to find their soulmate. On this path, as a rule, they come across people who are not able to give Gemini the love and lightness that they so long to receive.

Having found their soul mate, representatives of this constellation give themselves entirely to their partner. They need to prove their love and affection. A love relationship with Gemini is a fireworks display of emotions and feelings. Representatives of this constellation never stop there. Having won the heart of their chosen one or chosen one, they try with all their might to paint their relationship in bright colors. It is very important for them not to lose the passion and love that reigned in their hearts when they first met their soulmate.

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If in marriage Geminis feel that their family life has turned into a routine, then they may break off the relationship. For them, the main thing in the family is constant movement, development, and the search for new sensations. The partner must always feel Gemini’s mood and adapt to his desires, otherwise the marriage is doomed.

Geminis are fickle. They can change. This does not happen because on the other side, the sky is more beautiful and the birds sing louder. It’s all about the very character of Gemini. If their partner does not give them the emotions to which they are so accustomed, then everything begins to fall apart. Gemini can go to the left if they feel indifference and coldness towards themselves. They will also commit adultery if they are dissatisfied in bed or due to monotony in their sex life.

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Representatives of the Gemini zodiac sign will be able to be happy with those who will completely share their views on life. They are looking for like-mindedness and mutual understanding. If they don’t get this in marriage, then family life can turn into a living hell, which sooner or later comes to an end.

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