Zodiac sign Capricorn: love, relationships, marriage

Capricorn is one of the most difficult signs of the Zodiac in relationships with the opposite sex. People of this sign believe in true love. They can easily distinguish slight love or affection from true feelings.

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Representatives of this constellation treat relationships with the opposite sex with some caution. They never lose their heads when they fall in love. Capricorns are simply afraid of being misunderstood, abandoned, and unnecessary. They fear that their heart will be broken and they will have to worry about unhappy love for a long time. Lack of confidence in themselves, their attractiveness, and their intelligence make Capricorns vulnerable. However, they are trying with all their might to prove the opposite, and they are doing a great job. People of this constellation, as a rule, look quite closed and cold, and it is difficult for others to guess what lies in their souls.

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As a rule, Capricorns always fall in love with bright and original people. But relationships are built with more down-to-earth and ordinary personalities. This happens because representatives of this zodiac sign do not dare to take the first step towards their happiness. It is a big problem for them to approach and meet the person they like. There are a lot of contradictions and complexes hidden in their soul, which prevents them from calmly communicating and loving.

Capricorns can be unapproachable and cold. At first glance, you may get the impression that they deliberately do not let anyone near them. But in fact, Capricorns open the way to their heart only to that person who can, no matter what, love them and accept them for who they are.

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It is alien for Capricorns to show emotions towards their significant other. They rarely show a person how they feel about him. Although in fact, Capricorns are one of the few zodiac signs who know how to truly love. They hide all their feelings deep inside. They are stingy with tender words and confessions, but Capricorns will do everything to make their significant other feel good next to them.

You shouldn’t expect romance from Capricorns. These are people who do not tolerate manifestations of tenderness and affection. But they can give something completely different: support, care, help, devotion, and fidelity. They can show their feelings at a moment when no one expects it from them.

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A marriage with Capricorn promises to be happy and long if its other half comes to terms with the closedness and inaccessibility of the representative of this constellation. Overly emotional people with changeable moods are not suitable for Capricorns. Capricorns strive for stability and harmony. They will become faithful and devoted spouses if they feel confident in their other half.

Capricorns are very patient. They know how to forgive, but one day their stock of patience may come to an end and then Capricorns leave. It is almost impossible to stop them. Capricorns tend to think about their decision for a long time, so if they want to break up, then this decision cannot be changed.

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