Zodiac sign Cancer: love, relationships, marriage

Cancers are very sensitive, gentle, and vulnerable natures. They can search for their ideal person for quite a long time. They do not tend to waste their time on short-term relationships and romances without obligations. If Cancers fall in love, they give themselves entirely to this feeling.

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It is quite difficult for them to find their soul mate. If Cancers have sympathy, they will hide it for a long time. Representatives of this constellation tend to endow their feelings with deep meaning. They will delve into themselves for a long time and observe their object of love. Cancers are not in a hurry, they bide their time when they finally understand that their feelings are mutual.

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Cancers want their relationship with their significant other to always be strong. Deep down, they fear that passion will soon subside and that monotonous routine and simple affection will take its place. If Cancer does not feel reciprocal feelings from his partner, then his heart will cool down. For representatives of this constellation, the main thing in relationships is the feeling of being indispensable. If they constantly feel love and tenderness in their direction, they will give the same to their partner.

Cancers tend to indulge in sadness. By nature they are pessimists. Even if everything is fine in their relationship, they will still doubt and look for the negative sides of their love. Cancers cannot live alone during the day; they need to imagine a future with their chosen one.

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In the family, Cancers are not able to make independent decisions and often listen to the opinion of their other half. They are not leaders, but they have their levers of power over their partners. Cancer people are excellent manipulators. It is unlikely that they will speak about their desires directly. Their tactics are hints and reproaches. With these methods, Cancers achieve the desired result from their partner.

People of this constellation do not like to conflict and argue. They would rather walk away from the situation, placing the solution to the problem on the shoulders of their significant other. However, if Cancer feels insincerity and injustice towards himself, then his chosen one should prepare for revenge and cruel treatment. By nature, Cancers are vindictive. They can remember the slightest mistakes of their other half even after many years.

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Cancers are jealous. They will never forgive betrayal. The very fact of betrayal and deception will remain in their memory for a long time. They rarely return to their previous relationships, believing that you cannot step into the same river twice. In love, they are very vulnerable and sensitive, so their heart wound takes a long time to heal.

In marriage,┬áCancers try their best to create an ideal family. Sometimes a partner is simply discouraged by Cancer’s zeal for perfection. Nevertheless, people of this constellation, as a rule, live a long and happy family life.

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