Zodiac sign Aquarius: love, relationships, marriage

Love for Aquarius is a concept in which they mean something completely different from what is usually put into it. When looking for a partner, representatives of this zodiac sign are often guided by emotions and the ideal image that they have come up with for themselves. This often ends up leading to disappointment and heartbreak.

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For Aquarius, it is important to have not only a loved one nearby who would attract him sexually, but Aquarius’ partner should become his irreplaceable, loyal friend.

Aquarius wants to see understanding and care in their soulmate. Often, Aquarius’s partner becomes a like-minded person who completely shares Aquarius’s views on life and strives for the same goal. This aspect is very important for representatives of this constellation.

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Aquarius are characterized by originality in winning the heart of their chosen one or chosen one. Representatives of this constellation will demonstrate all their talents to achieve a person’s favor. For them, the game itself is interesting, the candy-bouquet period, during which they can fully open up to their other half and get to know her better.

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In relationships with their soulmate, Aquarius can be completely different. Their state of love is directly related to emotional experiences. If yesterday they were caring and gentle, then today they can show blatant indifference to their partner.

As a rule, Aquarius are owners. They are capable of jealousy, even in its most basic manifestation. Although they demand a certain freedom from their other half. However, they do not use this freedom to cheat. Aquarius are faithful in marriage. However, they quickly get bored with monotonous family life. And if this does happen, then we can assume that Aquarius will periodically glance to the left.

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To maintain a relationship with an Aquarius man, you need to constantly surprise him. Aquarius loves change, so his other half must constantly change hairstyles and outfits, rearrange the furniture in the house, and come up with new ways to have fun.

No matter how strange it may sound, Aquarius is the only zodiac sign for which family is not of paramount importance. Therefore, not everyone can tolerate such an attitude towards family values. For Aquarius, self-realization and friends are much more important than family, children, and a significant other.

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Being bound by family ties, Aquarius will take a long time to get used to his new role. Typically, representatives of this zodiac sign do not pay due attention to family responsibilities. They often cannot understand that their personal space must now be limited. It is for this reason that Aquarius formalizes their relationships quite late.

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