Yearly stargaze: retrograde Venus in 2024 and what it will bring to your zodiac sign

In 2024, retrograde Venus will also take place at the end of the previous calendar year. The term “retrograde” is often found in written sources of popular science, but is practically not used in colloquial speech. And many people, faced with a similar formulation (for example, “Venus retrograde”), do not understand what is meant by this.

The word comes from the Latin “retrograde”, formed from “retro” (back, back) and gradus (step, degree, stage). Translated, it means “moving backward” or “moving backward.” Synonyms for the word “retrograde” are “reverse”, “reactionary”, and “retarded”. Most often the term is used in medicine (retrograde amnesia), astrology, and astronomy (retrograde planets).

What is retrograde Venus?

In astronomy, the term retrograde (retrograde) motion refers to the movement of planets across the celestial sphere in the direction from east to west. That is, opposite to the vector of movement of the main objects of the system – the Moon and the Sun.

Astrologers interpret this concept somewhat differently. For them, the retrograde of a planet means that, from the point of view of an earthly observer, it is moving in the zodiacal direction along a reverse trajectory, as if it is moving backward. Of course, this is impossible, and this impression is created due to an optical illusion. It arises because the speed of rotation around their axis is different for all planets, and at certain moments when viewed from the Earth, it begins to seem that they are moving differently than usual.

In natal charts and scientific sources, the retrograde of planets is indicated by the letter R and the combination SR denotes the moment when, after stopping, the celestial body begins a retrograde, reverse movement. Not only Venus can be retrograde, but also other planets and objects, except the Moon and the Sun.

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When will Venus retrograde start and end in 2024?

According to Venus retrograde charts, the planet enters this state once every year and a half. The “retrograde movement” phase lasts about 40 days.

In 2024, retrograde Venus will also take place at the end of the previous calendar year. It will begin on December 19th, 2023, and end on January 29th, 2024. Based on the indicated dates, it can be calculated that this phase will last 41 days.

What does retrograde Venus affect?

According to astrologers, the influence of Venus extends to love and relationships, as well as to the aesthetic and financial side of life. And when the planet begins to “move backward,” this does not have the best effect on these aspects. A feeling of instability appears the danger of conflicts increases, and difficulties with money may arise. To reduce the risk of negative consequences of the influence of retrograde Venus, astrologers advise not to make “sudden movements” during this period and not to make fateful decisions in the listed areas, namely:

  • try to smooth out rough edges in relationships with others;
  • do not get married, do not announce engagement;
  • be careful in new relationships – you cannot place great confidence in romances that began at this time;
  • avoid long trips, both personal and business;
  • do not start repairs, postpone real estate purchase and sale transactions;
  • do not take loans, loans, or lend money;
  • do not experiment with appearance, especially through plastic surgery.

The period of Venus retrograde should be devoted to reflection, generating creative ideas, analysis, and planning, as well as getting rid of unnecessary things.

Interesting fact. It is noteworthy that former partners most often reappear in our lives precisely during the period of Venus’s “retrograde motion.” How to evaluate this event, consider it positive or negative, renew relationships or not, everyone has to decide for themselves – astrologers cannot give an unambiguous answer to this question.

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Retrograde Venus for zodiac signs

The strength and nature of the influence of retrograde Venus largely depend on which constellation it is currently located in. Its impact on the lives of representatives of different zodiac signs is also different – it is believed that this most affects Libra and Taurus since they are protected by this planet.


When Venus is in Aries, its influence is small – it manifests itself in the desire to be alone, melancholy, and suspiciousness. During this period, representatives of the sign need to remain calm, not make decisions under the influence of emotions, and think about ways to resolve difficulties that have arisen in relationships with others.


In the constellation Taurus, Venus feels “at ease”, and at the moment of retrograde movement, it is capable of causing quite a bit of mischief. This will affect all areas of life – the degree of dissatisfaction with your partner and others can reach critical levels, purchases will be unsuccessful, and projects started will fail. Representatives of the star sign are advised to minimize communication during these periods and try to avoid any serious changes.


While in Gemini, Venus practically does not affect friendships, especially if they are long-standing. During this period, communication with old friends and the renewal of previous friendships are not prohibited. But those born under the constellation Gemini, as well as representatives of other signs, should pay special attention to the sphere of finance – there is a high risk of spending a large amount on trifles and remaining broke for a long time.

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Being in the constellation Cancer, Venus awakens nostalgic memories and longing for the past in people. During such periods, men born under this sign often begin to regret breaking up with one of their past lovers, and women may have doubts about the correct choice of a life partner.


Venus in Leo tends to be narcissistic and playful, especially for representatives of this sign. Astrologers advise during these periods to be careful in communicating with the opposite sex – if you play too much, you may be misunderstood.


In the constellation Virgo, Venus provokes pettiness and capriciousness, a desire to find fault with everything. This threatens serious problems in relationships, including a breakup. Virgo and other zodiac signs are advised to restrain dissatisfaction and be as correct as possible in their statements.

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Being in Libra, Venus makes you feel the imperfections of the universe especially acutely. Anything can plunge you into melancholy and blues during this period. The stars advise paying less attention to negative aspects, concentrating on the positive, and representatives of the sign are also advised to suppress the desire to criticize their partner.


When Venus is in Scorpio, financial risks increase – the ability to realistically assess one’s material capabilities is close to zero. There is a high probability of thoughtless spending, investing in failed projects, and buying expensive but useless things. During such periods, it is better to carefully plan all expenses, and Scorpios should also be wary of scammers and thieves.


Being in the constellation Sagittarius, retrograde Venus provokes conflicts and discord – it is almost impossible to agree peacefully during these periods. Sagittarius themselves are especially “fierce”, becoming completely intractable and stubborn. At this time, it is important not to destroy everything that has been built over many years, and not to break off relationships with dear people – it will be difficult to restore them later.

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Venus in Capricorn most of all affects the sphere of close relationships – a feeling of alienation, mutual dissatisfaction, misunderstanding… And representatives of this sign may also think about adultery or changing their life partner. If possible, during this period partners should take a break from each other so as not to aggravate the situation.


Retrograde Venus in Aquarius creates depressive moods, and representatives of the sign may be more likely than others to be overcome by thoughts about the “frailty of life.” During these periods, astrologers advise spending more time on spiritual development and communicating more often with children and animals.


When Venus is retrograde in Pisces, any changes are contraindicated. Now more than ever, it is important to lay low and just go with the flow. People born under this sign should not even try to sort things out with their partners – this could end in a final and irrevocable break.

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