Yearly stargaze: retrograde Uranus in 2024 and what it will bring to your zodiac sign

Retrograde is a conventional concept accepted in astrology and means the movement of the planet “backward”. The optical effect occurs when observed from Earth. Imagine driving on a busy highway. When your car overtakes others, it seems that the lagging cars are going backward. Retrograde Uranus in a chart means strong intuition, originality, emotional extremes, and exaggeration of problems.

In 2024, Uranus will be retrograde twice – almost all of January and the second half of the year, starting on September 1st. Strange events may occur, and facts may be revealed that require a sober assessment. Comfort and financial stability will be under attack.

What is retrograde Uranus?

The planet Uranus in astrology is characterized by a stimulant symbol. She is responsible for change and imagination, gives surprise, innovation, genius, and invention, as well as destructiveness, and revolution. Uranus imparts specific characteristics to entire generations. The card indicates extraordinaryness, a free person, going ahead of the times, putting forward ideas that are ahead of the era. It is incomprehensible to the public and raises concerns.

If Uranus is retrograde at the time of birth (which happens in almost half of the cases), we can talk about a strong subjective desire for change and freedom. The planet encourages you to look for answers within yourself, and at the same time, overthrow established orders in the outside world. People with Retro Uranus are not remarkable in appearance but have original character traits. They are characterized by excessive excitability, making a mountain out of a mountain, a strong sense of intuition, and unexpectedly acute reactions to what is happening.

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When will retrograde Uranus start and end in 2024?

Retrograde Uranus periods occur twice a year. Dates in 2024:

  • from January 1st to January 27th, 2024 (from August 28th, 2023 to January 27th, 2024);
  • from September 1st to December 31st, 2024 (from September 1st, 2024 to January 30th, 2025).

The retrograde rotation of Uranus lasts 155 days or 5 months, and it stays in each sign for 7 years. In 2024, the planet continues to move through Taurus (from 2018 to 2025).

What does retrograde Uranus affect?

In astrology, Uranus belongs to the so-called “higher planets”. Its movement across the sky is very slow. It affects generations more than it affects each person individually. This is a source of global information that goes beyond ordinary human life. The clues that Uranus gives relate to large-scale historical and mental processes.

The influence of Uranus has a long-term perspective. The shifts that the planet brings require long-term restructuring and rethinking. Since she moves through the sign of Taurus in 2024, the lessons will primarily concern everything material, pleasure, and comfort. Since 2018, the world has been rocked by changes in the financial sector. Change is difficult to predict. Caused by Retro Uranus, they are always unexpected.

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What can and cannot be done during retrograde Uranus 2024?

The conjunctions of Uranus with the lunar North Node and Saturn last year led to the destruction of the foundations of familiar life. There is more and more room for freedom and creativity. In May 2024, the conjunction with Jupiter has already marked the beginning of new structures. But with the beginning of autumn, when the planet turns retrograde, past problems may become relevant again. The retrograde period will be stressful.


  • slow down and reflect more;
  • think about your aspirations, understand your role in society;
  • accept the approach that new times dictate;
  • engage in creativity.

What not to do:

  • resist change;
  • preserving something that is collapsing does not correspond to modern trends;
  • act contrary to intuition and feelings, and rely on reason alone.

Retrograde Uranus for Zodiac signs

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius. For representatives of the sign, the retrograde of the planet may be a little more noticeable than for other zodiac signs. In 2024, Taurus and materialistic Virgos will be under special attack.

In the natal chart, a strong position of retrograde Uranus indicates a person who does not fit into society, and who feels alienated. As a child, he almost always experiences difficulty expressing his individuality. With age, he gains freedom and often overdoes it with self-expression. In a woman’s chart, it means artistic inclinations. Men with pronounced Retro-Uranus are often brilliant and have a craving for wandering and constant change. They can change their occupation repeatedly.

One must also look at the formula of the soul. In orbit, Retro-Uranus gives non-standard actions dictated by the circumstances of the orbit. For example, in the abode of Mercury – original thoughts and speech, Venus – extravagant appearance, etc. When located in the center, the retrograde planet encourages constant self-education, and occult knowledge, and gives cosmic vision. But it also wreaks havoc and easily leads to deceptive judgments.


For Aries, retrograde Uranus periods in 2024 will bring unexpected benefits. Business changes, new contracts, or job changes are possible. You need to grow professionally and learn.

In the natal chart, Retro Uranus in Aries gives constant mental work, independence, and straightforwardness. A person can become a lone wolf due to tactlessness and aggressive attacks. Others must understand his behavior and words correctly.

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With the beginning of the retrograde movement of Uranus, relationships with a partner may change or Taurus themselves may change. After this period, personal life will no longer be the same. Try not to make mistakes that will force you to return to the past. Pay off all debts.

In the chart, Uranus retrograde in Taurus gives individualism in matters of property. A person can be a fighter for stability in society. But the planet can also provoke selfishness and selfishness.


For Gemini, the periods of retrograde Uranus in 2024 will bring an unexpected conclusion to a long-standing business. The time has come to put an end to the past, but it will not be as expected. It will be easier to get rid of bad habits and break off painful relationships. Take the chance.

When Uranus is retrograde in Gemini in the natal chart, the vividness of perception, mental energy, and craving for freedom increase. But for successful activities, it is necessary to develop logical thinking and oratory abilities. It is also important to learn to focus on one goal.


Due to the influence of retrograde Uranus, the winter and autumn of 2024 for Cancers may be full of surprises from friends and society in general. The planet encourages you to reconsider spending, the material component of relationships.

Retro Uranus in Cancer means inventions to create conveniences and restlessness in the pursuit of a better life. Impatience brings chaos to activity. Gives an adventurous personality that is always moving towards new frontiers.


You may receive an offer related to relocation – a new assignment at work, marriage, or a profitable purchase of real estate. You must be prepared for a change in status and not be afraid of change.

In Leo, retrograde Uranus results in a tendency to dramatize everything, find idols for oneself, and stand in awe of great people. The person himself is talented and smart. To be happy, you need to occupy a niche associated with fame and applause.


The period of Uranus retrograde in 2024 is successful for online learning, remote work, long-distance travel, and negotiations with foreign partners. Virgos will have the opportunity to complete projects that previously had to be postponed.

Retro-Uranus in Virgo acquires organizational talent and pedantry. The individual is capable of becoming an expert in the industry. He feels most comfortable at work, has a great interest in technology, and strives for technical progress.


For Libra, during the period of Uranus retrograde in 2024, the topic of big finances will be relevant. You may have to divide an inheritance, deal with real estate, or solve problems with business financing.

In a natal chart, Uranus retrograde in Libra can indicate an eccentric personality who feels like the whole world is against her. But it is also often a sign of a leader who can reconcile warring groups of people.

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Representatives of the sign will have to accept innovations in relationships with their spouse or partner. It’s time to reach another level, otherwise the feelings will slowly fade away. During Uranus retrograde in 2024, Scorpios should take promises seriously. It is not recommended to borrow money from the opposite sex.

Retro Uranus in Scorpio in the chart gives unprecedented attractiveness and influence on the masses. Sex and love are important for a person, but he risks becoming a slave to his instincts. It is very important to learn to control yourself and apply magnetism on a grand scale, without wasting yourself on small goals.


In 2024, Uranus retrograde may unexpectedly require repairs. Household chores will require involvement. Surprises for Sagittarius will not be very pleasant, but the result of their efforts will please them.

With Uranus retrograde in Sagittarius, the natal chart develops an identity that relies on imagination. A person sees himself as smarter than others, grasps everything on the fly, and has a passion for philosophy and abstract judgments. You need to select facts more carefully and be convinced of the value of knowledge, and then the intellect will gain real power.


For Capricorns, retrograde Uranus will bring changes in relationships with children and in love feelings. There might be an affair. Conceiving a child is possible. You need to look into the future, imagine life in 5 years and lay the foundation now.

In Capricorn, Retro-Uranus feels great. He gives rebels who break old foundations. These people strive at all costs to break out of the traditional framework, to truly find themselves and express themselves. Instead of breaking existing orders, it is important to learn how to fill them with new meaning and introduce individuality.


Retro Uranus in 2024 will contribute to delays. Aquarians need to take care of a financial airbag. Family and children may unexpectedly become distant and leave for a long time. This is your time of personal growth. You should learn more independence and responsibility.

Uranus retrograde in Aquarius indicates a personality that cares about the freedom of everyone. She is truly happy when others are happy. Her energy is a light in the darkness, giving birth to new ideas.


The periods of Uranus retrograde in 2024 are good for Pisces to learn new technologies. Contacts with society and the exchange of information have a positive effect on the individual. This is a time of rapid development.

In the natal chart, Retro Uranus in Pisces means self-knowledge and self-sufficiency. A person seeks the truth within himself and reveals his capabilities to the maximum. The goal of development is development itself.

For most people, retrograde Uranus periods are quiet. Let us recall that slow planets have a greater impact on people’s lives after 29 years of age, and even more strongly after 49 years of age. The younger generation can relax. In 2024, the trends of the last five years continue to apply. Changes await humanity, but these are not changes that instantly turn normal life upside down.

The world around us is constantly changing, and we have to adapt one way or another. In a sense, you need to sacrifice your comfort, stability, and material goods for personal growth to happen. For zodiac signs, the periods of Retro-Uranus 2024 will pass differently and will bring their innovations. The forecast also depends on the presence in the natal chart of planets at 20-21 degrees Taurus or intense aspects of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Sun, and Moon with passing retrograde Uranus.

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