Yearly stargaze: retrograde Saturn in 2024 and what it will bring to your zodiac sign

A retrograde planet is a planet that appears to be moving backward. The illusion occurs due to the different speeds and trajectories of celestial bodies. From an astrological point of view, retrograde Saturn in a person’s chart means facing one’s fears and points to the moments that separate one from reality.

What is retrograde Saturn?

During Saturn’s retrograde, mistakes made come to light. Mistakes become visible, lies are revealed, illusions burst like a balloon. This is the period of working off karmic debts. Events force people to rethink their lives and become more responsible and independent.

Saturn symbolizes iron, strength, weight, matter, and darkness. It is like a clap of thunder. This is the god of time and the antipode of Jupiter, personifying light and spirit. In astrology, he is the most treacherous planet. It can provoke caution in matters in which, on the contrary, courage is necessary for the development and growth of personality. The positive influence is to help you find your calling, to become a part of the world.

Saturn, even in retrograde, indicates painful addictions. It can give clues about a successful start to a career, life after the death of parents, or a change in life course.

The planet influences a person’s connection with the outside world – it brings realism into life and strives to remind us that life is fleeting, but at the same time it strives for self-preservation. It prevents the development of delusions of grandeur.

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When will retrograde Saturn start and end in 2024?

Saturn is a slow planet – it takes 30 years to orbit the Sun. It stays in each sign for approximately 2.5 years, and Saturn’s retrograde periods are 140 days. In 2024, this period will usually last 4.5 months.

Retrograde Saturn will begin in the summer, June 29th, 2024, and end in the fall, November 15th, 2024. Like last year, the planet will be in the sign of Pisces (from March 7th, 2023 to May 25th, 2025).

What does retrograde Saturn affect?

The energy of a planet during the retrograde period depends on the zodiac sign in which it is located. The sign shows which topic requires in-depth and serious study. In 2024 it is Pisces, which means influence on behind-the-scenes games. Saturn reveals secret enemies, and actions behind one’s back. Unexpected facts about the past may emerge.

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What can and cannot be done?

The retrograde period of Saturn lasts quite a long time. One way or another, you will have to put up with his influence and do your usual things and everything that you had planned earlier. We can only give general recommendations.

What not to do during retrograde Saturn:

  • avoid responsibility;
  • ignore problems;
  • indulge base desires;
  • reject criticism in your direction;
  • engage in self-deception.

What to do to make the period go well:

  • help your family more, become more polite, more affectionate.
  • analyze your bad actions, and understand what pushes you to them.
  • start fighting bad habits.
  • think about values.
  • listen to wise advice and try to change for the better.
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Retrograde Saturn for zodiac signs

The transit of retrograde Saturn is not equally noticeable for all zodiac signs. Usually, Aquarians experience it more painfully, with Capricorns in second place. In 2024, Pisces will also join them. For the zodiac signs that remain, the planet’s retrograde will bring positive changes.


Gaining the necessary knowledge and learning is what is important for Aries during the Saturn retrograde period in 2024. You need to become a real specialist and stop pretending that you are good at important things.

When Saturn is retrograde in Aries, discipline and the desire to direct and lead develop. The person is characterized as capricious and impatient. It seems to him that those around him are manipulating him, and he defends himself. He is often mistaken, forced to restrain his enthusiasm, and carefully calculate the result.


Taurus people need to strive for greater sensuality. It would do well for men to remember which character traits are truly masculine. Women should become softer, more flirtatious, and more compassionate.

When Saturn is retrograde in Taurus, a sense of security is achieved through conservatism. In a man’s chart, it indicates a realist and practitioner, in a woman it indicates prudence and reliability. Such people know exactly what they want. First of all, they crave material comfort and stability.


Retrograde Saturn seeks to teach Gemini to conflict less. You should learn to get around sharp corners. A good time for active business development, if you have one.

Retro-Saturn in Gemini enhances mental abilities and interest in science. A man thinks about what to say and write. Knowing how to adapt to any situation, life is presented as an intellectual game in which the power of the mind always wins.

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For Cancers, a hot topic during the Saturn retrograde 2024 is health. Everything that has not been further examined and treated needs to be examined and treated. Healthy eating, morning exercises, and meditation to reduce stress will bring benefits.

When Saturn is retrograde in Cancer, there is a late separation from parents, frugality, and a desire to maintain what has been achieved. A person may feel inferior, he needs to justify himself, to feel valued and respected. In order not to rush to extremes, stability is very important.


During Saturn retrograde in 2024, Leos will have to work on their relationships with their children and partners. Other roles should fade into the background (advisor, mentor, teacher).

Retro Saturn in Leo produces an authoritarian man and an idealistic woman. People tend to overestimate themselves and like to attract attention. They create drama to protect themselves. We must strive to understand the feelings of other people and develop empathy.


The topic of difficult relationships with parents during the period of Saturn retrograde in 2024 for Virgos will become more relevant than ever. The practice of forgiveness and close communication with family are useful, which will unite and help understand each other.

In Virgo, Saturn retrograde brings a keen intellect that seeks to test and sift through everything. These are the best workers, usually workaholics, pedantic and overzealous. It is important that the feeling does not limit your horizons for a long time. We must build a happy life, and not take on all the burdens of the world.


The period of Saturn retrograde in 2024 is the best time for self-discovery. Libra will have to find their way. Communication, creativity, and new hobbies will help you become more mature and decide on plans for the future.

Retro-Saturn in Libra is characteristic of flexible women, with a strong sense of duty and fairness. Men are endowed with charm, and tactfulness, and achieve a lot without fighting. People with this position on the planet are best able to realize themselves through self-sacrifice.

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At the end of the period, financial growth may occur. Scorpios need to learn to use their talents and strengths. Actions lack individuality.

With Saturn retrograde in Scorpio, a man will always be able to provide for his family and will make sure that the household members do not experience need. The position gives the strongest will, which only grows stronger in times of difficulty. Indicates a complex personality who often lives mechanically. Self-knowledge and awareness of actions are important.


For Sagittarius, there comes a time when they need to look for inspiration and work on self-esteem so that self-expression brings positive results. Saturn retrograde in 2024 will indicate problematic issues that cause a feeling of dissatisfaction with oneself.

In the natal chart, Retro-Saturn in Sagittarius means an excellent student, a person with a higher education. There is a noticeable interest in philosophy. A man is often thoughtful; in women, spiritual depth is felt. People influence others. It is important to get rid of the superiority complex and become a leader thanks to your merits and intelligence.


You need to make sure that your goals correspond to your dreams and have not lost their relevance. Capricorns walked long and persistently toward their goal. In 2024, Saturn retrograde will show that the world around us has changed.

In Capricorn, Retro-Saturn is in its abode. This is a strategist who knows the weight of everything. Patient and silent. Perseveres towards the goal. Financial success, fame, and happiness mean the same thing to him. It is important to learn to control yourself, to become refined, and then it will be possible to conquer the peak.

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In 2024, representatives of the sign during the retrograde of Saturn will have to overcome a lack of faith in their abilities. You need to understand what is stopping you from realizing your dreams and ambitions. Aquarians will have a chance to achieve more, increase their status, and improve their financial situation.

Retro-Saturn in Aquarius gives an interest in the occult, a careful choice of friends, cunning, and influence. For men it means a thirst for power, for women it means glory. A person depends on the opinion of society and finds happiness in serving it.


For Pisces, the period of Saturn retrograde may not be very pleasant. This is a time when reputation is in question. We need to think about how to present the skeletons that were hidden from the world. It is important, to be honest with others and yourself.

When Saturn is retrograde in Pisces, a person tends to get lost in thought and withdraw into himself. The position gives inner strength and flexibility. It is important to release energy through creativity and the discovery of talents. To be happy, you need approval, mostly from yourself.

What the period of Saturn retrograde in 2024 will be depends not only on the zodiac sign. It affects people more strongly in whose natal chart there are planets in degrees of Saturn retrograde or tense aspects of personal planets with transiting retrograde Saturn. The age of a person also matters. Until the age of 29, periods of retrograde Saturn can be perceived violently and emotionally. After this age, they give increasingly clearer clues and can even be beneficial if all previous lessons have been accepted and learned.

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