Yearly stargaze: retrograde Pluto in 2024 and what it will bring to your zodiac sign

Translated from Latin, the concept of “retrograde” means “backward,” or “moving backward”. In astronomy, the term retrograde Pluto (or another planet) refers to periods when a celestial body moves in the direction opposite to the vector of movement of the Moon and the Sun, that is, from east to west. To an observer on Earth, it may seem that the planet is moving backward, but this is nothing more than a visual illusion.

What is retrograde Pluto?

Any celestial body can be retrograde, except the main objects of the solar system – the Moon and the Sun. Astrologers assess periods when planets begin to move backward as unfavorable. It is believed that at such moments they can exhibit atypical properties and negatively affect people’s lives.

Cases when retro Pluto is present in the natal chart deserve special attention. People born during such periods have a unique chance to work through the karmic debts of previous incarnations and correct the mistakes of the past. One of the most famous methods is the “Formula of the Soul” technique, developed by astrologer Alexander Astrogor.

In addition, retrograde Pluto in the chart endows its “wards” with special qualities. For women, these are independence, fearlessness, a tendency to take risks, the ability to influence others, developed intuition, and sexuality. Men have toughness, sometimes even cruelty, and the ability to withstand any life circumstances.

When will retrograde Pluto start and end in 2024?

Pluto goes retrograde every year. This period lasts from 4 to 6 months. In 2024, it will begin on May 2nd, in the constellation Aquarius, and end on October 12th, in Capricorn. Thus, the time of Pluto’s retrograde motion will be just over 4 months.

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What does retrograde Pluto affect?

In ancient mythology, the god Pluto is the owner of the underground kingdom, where the souls of the dead ended up. In a sense, the planet has adopted the qualities of its “namesake”: it is capable of managing natural disasters, catastrophes, global crises, and natural disasters.

The impact on individual lives is also quite significant. Pluto is responsible for relationships of a business and personal nature, and to a certain extent, for the path that the soul takes throughout its entire earthly life.

During periods of retrograde, the planet seems to call for parting with everything old and letting changes into your life. This is a time of transformation, the completion of one stage of life before moving on to another.

To live through the Pluto retro period as comfortably as possible, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • add variety to your life, find time for hobbies and creativity;
  • finish old projects or transfer them to other people, you can change jobs;
  • do planning;
  • repay debts, if possible, pay off loans;
  • make repairs, decorate, and improve your home, you are allowed to change your place of residence;
  • get rid of negative, painful relationships;
  • carry out spiritual cleansing, and let go of grievances.


  • start new projects;
  • borrow or lend;
  • enter into long-term deals;
  • conduct difficult negotiations;
  • communicate with manipulators.

During the period of retrograde Pluto, you need to make as much space as possible for everything new, but you shouldn’t force events and rush changes – they will come into your life at the right time.

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Retrograde Pluto for zodiac signs

The intensity and nature of the influence of retrograde Pluto depend on the constellation in which it resides. And its impact on representatives of different zodiac signs is also different.


When the planet is in this sign, the need to confront injustice and fight for truth increases. Those born under the auspices of the constellation Aries are advised to control their emotions and “pump up” their self-control.


Pluto in Taurus creates a desire to take care of loved ones, but sometimes people find it difficult to keep it in moderation, and participation borders on obsessiveness. During these periods, it is especially important for representatives of the sign not to put their point of view “at the forefront” and to take into account the opinions of others.


On the days when Pluto is in Gemini, it is worth thinking about further development and taking care of finding new paths. And the main thing is not to give up when something doesn’t work out. During such periods, it is Gemini who are more likely than others to give in even to minor obstacles.


Being in the constellation Cancer, the planet aggravates personal issues. There is a desire to understand oneself, to “sort out” the immediate environment. And Cancers, just like representatives of other signs, need to gain courage and stop contact with people who are uninteresting or unpleasant to you.


Pluto in Leo provokes aggression, fueling conflicts literally out of the blue. And those who were born under this sign become almost obsessed with the idea of ​​“bringing order everywhere.” During such periods, it is recommended to distance yourself from what is happening as much as possible and try to find more sources of positive emotions.


Being in the constellation Virgo, Pluto exacerbates intolerance towards human weaknesses and vices. Many people are overwhelmed by the desire to lecture everyone around them and label them. And this is manifested to a greater extent in Virgos – think a hundred times before judging someone, all people are not without sin, including you.


Being in the constellation Libra, Pluto gives people a passion for narcissism. Representatives of the sign can exhibit traits that are not normally characteristic of them – for example, intriguing, creating scenes of jealousy, and throwing up loud scandals.

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Pluto in Scorpio constantly throws up situations where you need to show your will and take a decisive step. This is a kind of test of strength, and it is important not to give up. And Scorpios themselves will also need to fight laziness, which will overcome them.


Sagittarians are talkative, and retrograde Pluto, being in this constellation, imparts this quality to representatives of all signs to one degree or another. During such periods, more than ever, you need to monitor your speech so as not to divulge your own, or, even worse, someone else’s secret.


When Pluto is in Capricorn, it is worth paying attention to spiritual aspects. But this does not mean that there is no need to think about material things at all – urgent needs will not go away. And it is also important for representatives of the sign to think about new ways of development.


When Pluto is Aquarius, you cannot allow yourself to “freeze”, but activity should also be moderate. Those born under this constellation are recommended to direct their energy to intellectual or creative activity.


Pluto in Pisces activates intuition, and you should not ignore your inner voice. However, you cannot rely only on it either, and any decisions must be “coordinated” with reason. And Pisces will need to moderate their suspicion – during these periods you see a catch in literally everything, and you can undeservedly offend someone.

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