Yearly stargaze: retrograde Neptune in 2024 and what it will bring to your zodiac sign

The term retrograde (from the Latin “retrograde”) means reverse (or retrograde) movement. Thus, the wording “retrograde Neptune” implies the movement of the planet in the opposite direction. In reality, this is not the case, and this impression is created as a result of an optical illusion. Why this happens and how this phenomenon affects people’s lives will be discussed below.


What is retrograde Neptune?

Astronomers call retrograde celestial bodies moving in the opposite direction from the Moon and the Sun – that is, from east to west. Due to this, when observing objects from the Earth at certain periods, it seems that they have begun a reverse, backward movement.

Astrologers pay increased attention to these phenomena. It is believed that at this time the planets can influence people’s lives more than usual, and sometimes exhibit properties that are atypical for them.

So, in the “ordinary” state, Neptune patronizes creativity, imagination, and spiritual development. But during periods of retrograde, other qualities come to the fore – increased emotionality, excessive gullibility, and “detachment” from reality. People begin to see many events in a completely different, sometimes distorted, light.

Retrograde Neptune in the natal chart deserves special attention (this is the name given to special horoscopes drawn up taking into account the position of the constellations and planets at the time of a person’s birth). His influence can be high, middle, and low. In the first two cases, it acts predominantly in a positive way – it “rewards” a person with talents and increased intuition.

The situation is different with the lower level of influence of retro Neptune. He endows men with timidity, suspiciousness, and suspicion. Often representatives of the stronger sex, born during periods when the planet moved “in the opposite direction,” suffer from various kinds of addictions and phobias. Retrograde Neptune in women’s charts provokes excessive suggestibility; such ladies often become victims of manipulators, domestic tyrants, and scammers. To minimize negativity, the influence of the planet needs to be worked through, and this often takes a lifetime.

When will retrograde Neptune start and end in 2024?

Retrograde Neptune is a regular occurrence. The planet enters this phase annually, and the period of retrograde motion lasts 5-6 months. As a rule, it begins closer to the middle of the year, in June-July.

In 2024, Neptune’s retrograde will last from July 2nd to December 7th. The duration of the period will be 158 days.

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What does retrograde Neptune affect?

Neptune is closely associated with intangible, abstract concepts – emotions, feelings, and spirituality. He patronizes creative individuals, dreamers, and pioneers.

For this reason, during the retrograde period of the planet, the main influence extends specifically to the state of mind. There is an aggravation of feelings – people begin to react more sharply to events, to take everything too close to heart. Insomnia may appear, a feeling that something is going wrong, and someone may even feel out of place.

In addition, retrograde Neptune sharpens attention and forces you to look at circumstances from a different angle. Many people seem to take off their rose-colored glasses, which allows them to evaluate themselves and those around them objectively and soberly, without embellishment. It is during this period that the secret becomes clear.

The retrograde of the planet can affect creativity and productivity in different ways. Some people begin to feel wings behind their backs, while others give up. But this is one of the best moments to set goals and start implementing them, direct your energy to creation, and go in for sports. It is not recommended to stand still during this period, but moderation is good in everything – you shouldn’t radically change your life at such moments either.

On a note. Since Neptune is quite far from Earth, its influence is not so intense. Both the negative and positive energies of the planet are not felt as brightly as, for example, the impact of retrograde Mercury or Venus.

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Retrograde Neptune for zodiac signs

The retrograde of planets affects people differently, depending on what zodiac sign they were born under. Based on the constellation to which the celestial body moving backward is currently located, the strength of influence and what emotions and feelings it will affect are determined.


Being in the constellation Aries, Neptune increases nervous excitability. This period is not easy for representatives of the sign; it will be marked by the destruction of illusions. Aries will have to return to the past more than once and rethink their lives.


Neptune in Taurus awakens a passion for hoarding and a desire to get rich. For people born under this sign, this is an excellent moment to find new sources of income, implement business ideas, and advance their careers.


The retrograde of Neptune, which is in Gemini, enhances communication skills and promotes communication. For representatives of the sign, the best time is coming to take their destiny into their own hands, and not go with the flow.


Neptune in Cancer enhances empathy, compassion, and the desire to help others. For representatives of the sign, this can turn into sacrifice, and astrologers advise during such periods not to forget about their interests – you can provide help, but not to the detriment of yourself.


Being in the constellation Leo, Neptune gives you the desire to be the center of attention and to admire yourself. Those born under this sign have the opportunity to establish contacts with the right people.


Neptune in Virgo enhances analytical abilities and encourages clear, constructive thinking. But it can present an unpleasant surprise to representatives of the sign – you may find out the ugly truth about someone from your inner circle.


Retrograde Neptune, being in the constellation Libra, has a positive effect on creativity. However, the stars advise people born under this sign not to be too detached from reality – it will be better if you draw up a clear action plan and follow it.

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When Neptune is in Scorpio, he pushes to learn something new, or unknown – for example, an interest in magic and esotericism may appear. During such periods, people born under the auspices of this constellation are advised to engage in a “revision” of their life priorities.


Neptune in Sagittarius will not allow you to sit still – a passion for travel and movement will awaken, which means there will be new impressions and changes. Representatives of the sign at this time should pay more attention to the voice of intuition, especially if it warns against some action.


Being in the constellation Capricorn, Neptune increases the ability to concentrate. And those who were born under this sign may feel the need to get to the very essence everywhere and in everything and finally put everything in its place.


The retrograde of Neptune in Aquarius increases the need to implement ideas. During this period, astrologers recommend that representatives of the sign carefully consider spending, especially if you are planning to invest money in some new business.


Neptune in Pisces awakens interest in everything related to the possibilities of the subconscious. And people born under this sign may feel the need to understand themselves, to rethink their interests and beliefs.

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