Yearly stargaze: retrograde Mercury in 2024 and what it will bring to your zodiac sign

Retrograde Mercury periods have always been considered the most dangerous. In simple terms, “retrograde” means that to observers on Earth, the planet will appear to be moving in the opposite direction. The effect occurs due to the difference in orbital velocities of celestial bodies. Mercury is the fastest planet, and on those days when it “backs away,”  I urge you to be especially careful.

What is retrograde Mercury?

Retrograde Mercury periods have always been considered the most dangerous. During these three weeks, any business can go awry, accidents, breakdowns, and other tragedies often occur.

The dark gray planet, closest to the Sun and bathed in its rays, was mentioned back in 265 BC. e. Mercury is named after the ancient Roman god, the son of Jupiter – the divine messenger, a famous cunning, patron of merchants, as well as magicians and thieves. In astrology, the planet is responsible for communication and oratory abilities, intelligence, and erudition.

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When will retrograde Mercury start and end in 2024?

The planet orbits the Sun every 88 days and goes retrograde about once every 3 months. Dates and periods of retrograde Mercury in 2024:

  • January 1st and 2nd, 2024 – Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius;
  • from the evening of April 1st to April 25th, 2024 – in Aries;
  • from August 5th to August 28th, 2024 – in Virgo (the 15th is allocated to the sign of Leo);
  • from November 26th to December 15th, 2024 – in Sagittarius.

Noteworthy is the fact that in April 2024, the period of Mercury retrograde overlaps the eclipse corridor, which began at the end of March 2024. All events will be fateful. The eclipse in Aries on April 8 will cause a surge in mental activity. Insights, prophetic dreams, and premonitions of the future are likely. People will act unexpectedly for themselves.

What does retrograde Mercury affect?

It most significantly affects the sphere of communication and travel. With the start of the retrograde and until Mercury retrograde ends, there is confusion in relationships with people, as well as with moving and traveling. You can wait for hours at the airport for your flight, and eventually, the flight will be canceled. Or an important message is about to arrive, but the lights go out due to lightning.

Mercury is a kind of lens through which the energy of the Sun is refracted and broken down into vibrations for all other more distant planets. In the modern world, its role is especially great. Calls, social networks, emails – all this is under the power of Mercury. It influences thought processes, ideas, and the subconscious, helps to understand the essence of things, and analyzes and sorts information.

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What can and cannot be done?

When Mercury is retrograde, any surprises in the field of communications are possible, including business negotiations, deals, agreements, and contracts. Issues related to buying and selling, training, travel, and travel may arise.

What not to do:

  • make important decisions that radically change your life: moving, changing jobs, getting engaged, etc.
  • start new things, especially risky ones.
  • plan important work meetings and business trips, signing contracts and agreements on these dates.
  • try to convey your idea, and organize serious conversations and discussions.
  • make large purchases, especially equipment.


  • be attentive;
  • observe safety precautions when handling electrical appliances;
  • recheck important things several times;
  • beware of scammers, and deception, avoid excessive gullibility;
  • maintain order in documents;
  • keep track of your belongings and money;
  • train concentration and memory;
  • start the day with light exercise or jogging.
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Retrograde Mercury for zodiac signs

The effect of retrograde Mercury in 2024 on different zodiac signs is different. Mercury has its favorites – Virgo and Gemini, who have a natural curiosity. They may discover unexpected abilities in themselves. For zodiac signs, retrograde Mercury means the end of a measured life. Leo, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Aries will face particularly important challenges and surprises in 2024.


Mercury retrograde affects the impulsiveness and impatience of Aries. The zodiac sign may be unexpectedly witty, inventive, spontaneous, or, conversely, have problems with this.

It is recommended: to pay attention to your health, try to be less exposed to stress, and ask questions to clarify matters.

What not to do: trust the diagnoses (they may be incorrect), and apply for a loan.

During this period, Aries women may have a rival or competitor at work. Aries men will have to defend their interests. There may be difficulties in obtaining documents; interaction with government agencies is not easy and requires patience.


Thanks to Mercury, Taurus is excellent at assessing facts and the balance of power. But they also find it difficult to be flexible. During retrograde periods in 2024, the sign may be too inert and stubborn. However, he is excellent at thinking processes and analyzing situations.

What you can do: accumulate capital, plan your career and your actions related to promotion, distance yourself from people who evoke strong emotions and feelings;

It is better to avoid: starting training, taking courses that you are not sure are necessary, or this idea has appeared recently, making investments.

A Taurus woman during Mercury retrograde may feel impulses and commit rash actions that will not bring anything good. Conflict with children and misunderstanding with your significant other are likely. Taurus men should avoid harshness in conversations. A resumption of past relationships is possible, but most likely not for long.


The receptivity and communication skills of Gemini depend on Mercury. A retrograde planet fills the sign with new thoughts, not always good and pleasant. During this period, Gemini tends to misunderstand agreements.

What is worth doing: correcting past mistakes, replacing, fixing things that have already failed;

Not recommended: moving; buying and selling real estate, purchase a phone, laptop, or tablet (communication device).

Gemini women should avoid conflicts with their mothers. Disagreements are likely. Men are waiting for repairs and solutions to everyday problems. A car or other vehicle may require attention.


For Cancers, periods of retrograde Mercury in 2024 promise problems with receptivity and impressionability. At the same time, memory works well, and it is easy to emerge victorious from disputes.

Useful: work on your punctuality, and start preparing for trips and meetings in advance and more carefully.

What not to do: implement new ideas, and change plans abruptly.

A Cancer man should conduct business carefully and not take risks. Relationships with younger sisters and brothers may deteriorate. It is better to avoid discussing painful topics. Women face danger from correspondence. Think about what you write and to whom, so that it does not damage your reputation.

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Retrograde Mercury prevents Leo from thinking broadly. During such periods, the representative of the sign solves problems less effectively, tends to neglect details, and becomes irritated.

You should: monitor your diet, analyze expenses and income, and start planning a budget.

It is not recommended to express your opinion about other people, experiment with food, or waste savings.

Leo men and women can quarrel with their parents. You need to be more tolerant of your family. There is a danger of serious mistakes in matters involving family property. It is better to postpone them for a more favorable period.


Practicality and the ability to sort things out are Virgo’s strong points. But during the period of Mercury retrograde, excessiveness in everything and actions contrary to common sense is possible.

During Mercury retrograde, Virgos should: refrain from criticism, take care of their throats, and do not get nervous over little things.

You can’t: sign up for a gym or course, do something you don’t want to do, or change your image.

Virgo women can become overly sarcastic and mocking, while men can become demanding. Mutual understanding with people around you will go wrong, so it’s better not to talk about serious topics. Meditation will be of great benefit.


For Libra, the Mercury retrograde period is a little more active than for other signs. This is the time when you have to be diplomatic and seek compromise. Losing in a dispute is perceived painfully, and the sense of justice intensifies.

Recommended: Create a reserve stock of financial resources, keep a weekly journal, a diary of thoughts and ideas.

Not recommended: going on foreign, long-distance, spontaneous trips, leaving things unattended.

Libra men may encounter difficulties in another country due to errors in documents. Possible loss of parcels. Libra women should refrain from frivolous spending and buying unnecessary things.

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Mercury retrograde enhances Scorpio’s insight. Until the period ends, representatives of the sign cannot be deceived or impose their point of view. Sudden changes in relationships may occur.

You can: philosophize and expose deceivers.

You cannot: go towards the goal, despite the circumstances, and hold on to outdated relationships.

Scorpio men should check the accrual amounts and details. There may be delays in wages or financial difficulties, as well as discord with management. Scorpio women will find it difficult to communicate with their friends. Disputes easily flare up and words are misunderstood.


Mercury gives Sagittarius independence, honesty, the ability to move forward, and sweet spontaneity. During the retrograde period, boundaries are easily crossed. Representatives of the sign can be too harsh and neglect morality.

What you can do: deepen your knowledge, hone your skills, develop your favorite business;

You should not: change your type of activity, launch projects, or do several things at the same time.

A Sagittarius man may not meet his work-related expectations. Women should be careful with new acquaintances. Deception and use by a person for his purposes cannot be ruled out.


During Mercury’s retrograde, Capricorn stops being serious and makes friends more easily. Mistrust and caution disappear. Communication skills improve, but things may not go too well.

Recommended: improve communication skills, communicate with interesting people, and broaden your horizons.

You should avoid: experimenting with trips, and flights, and relying on luck alone.

For Capricorn men, Mercury retrograde can result in disagreements with their father, mentor, or coach. Women also find it difficult to accept advice that contradicts their immediate desires.

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For Aquarius, periods of Mercury retrograde in 2024 will bring a decrease in resourcefulness and originality. You can suffer from your eccentricity and stubbornness.

What you can do: engage in the prevention of chronic diseases, and relax in nature.

Not recommended: spending your last, relying on chance, getting divorced.

An Aquarius man will most likely experience delays in payments. Aquarius women should drive carefully and avoid physical overload and sports-related injuries.


Pisces are usually perceptive, but during Mercury retrograde, it becomes difficult to understand what is happening around them. Impressionability increases, absent-mindedness appears. At the same time, physical sensuality and passion for carnal pleasures increase.

What is the best thing to do: control your diet, choose healthy foods, and support your partner.

You should not: remember the past, break off relationships, or leave home for a long time (for a visit, vacation, etc.).

Pisces women and men often quarrel with their spouses during periods of Mercury retrograde. Old grievances are remembered. We need to live for today and build a happy future every day.

The influence of Mercury retrograde cannot be ignored, but there is no need to panic. Not only does the zodiac sign matter, but also the position of the planet in the natal chart – strong or weak, retrograde or direct. In all episodes, he forms various aspects with other planets, which in one way or another influence a particular person. We have described the overall picture. By following the recommendations, you can not only survive the period without shocks but also benefit and improve your life.

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