Yearly stargaze: retrograde Mars in 2024 and what it will bring to your zodiac sign

Separately, it should be said about retrograde Mars in the natal chart. The term “retrograde” is derived from the Latin words “retro” (back, back) and “gradus” (step, step) and means “step back”, “step back”, or “reverse movement”. Astrologers interpret the retrograde of most planets, including the period of retrograde Mars, as an unfavorable time. It is believed that at such moments the celestial bodies are unfriendly and are capable of attracting negative events into people’s lives.

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What is retrograde Mars?

In astronomy, planets are called retrograde when they move not from west to east, like the Moon and the Sun, but in the opposite direction. Observing such a phenomenon from Earth, it may seem that the celestial body has changed its trajectory and seems to be moving backward. But this is nothing more than an optical illusion because the speed of movement of all planets is different.

Astrologers attach special significance to such phenomena. Thus, it is believed that if in a state of direct movement, Mars stimulates activity, the desire to move towards a goal and achieve it, and the ability to make volitional decisions, then during periods of retrograde it provokes aggression, irritability, creates general tension and increases the risk of conflicts.

Separately, it should be said about retrograde Mars in the natal chart. If during the period of a person’s birth, the “red” planet was moving in a retrograde direction, this, as a rule, is reflected in his relationships with others. Thus, women avoid assertive and pushy men, choosing calm and manageable men. And men born during retrograde Mars are most often indecisive and withdrawn.

Interesting fact. There is an opinion that the retrograde movement of Mars has virtually no effect on people who make little use of the powerful energy of this planet. That is, for passive individuals who prefer to go with the flow.

When will Mars retrograde start and end in 2024?

Mars goes retrograde once every 2 years. The duration of the phenomenon is approximately 10 weeks.

In 2024, this phase will begin on December 6th and will end in the next year, 2025, on February 23rd. This means that the retro period will last 80 days.

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What does retrograde Mars affect?

Mars influences such qualities as determination, communication skills, and the ability to find a common language and achieve one’s own. He is responsible for physical strength, work, business, and relationships with others, including the opposite sex. And during the retrograde period of the “red” planet, it is in these areas that problems can begin.

To reduce the negative impact and minimize unpleasant consequences, astrologers advise remembering what not to do during this period.

During retrograde Mars, it is prohibited:

  • attack first – initiate conflicts, quarrels, fights;
  • launch new projects;
  • start repairs;
  • get married;
  • engage in previously untested sports;
  • buy equipment (this applies to both household appliances, cars, gadgets, etc.);
  • perform surgical operations.

During the period of Mars retrograde, you can complete things you started earlier (without forgetting about proper rest!), and take stock. It is important to avoid any risky activities, dubious schemes, or conflicts. But if you are nevertheless drawn into a quarrel, overcome the desire to smash the offender to smithereens, and just defend yourself. Retrograde Mars “observes” the boomerang law and will punish the aggressor itself.

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Retrograde Mars for zodiac signs

The degree and nature of the impact of retrograde Mars depends on the constellation in which the planet is located. And representatives of different signs also feel its influence in different ways.


If during the period of retrograde Mars, there is a decline in strength and everything goes wrong, most likely the planet is in the constellation Aries. Representatives of the sign may be subject to increased irritability and “flare-ups” for any reason.


Mars in Taurus “sends” laziness, apathy, and a desire to relax. Those born under this constellation have increased financial risks. You cannot invest money, take out loans, or lend money at this time.


The retrograde of Mars, which is in Gemini, interferes with productive communication – it can be incredibly difficult to agree during this period. And for people born under this sign, from time to time it begins to seem that all their efforts are in vain, and things are not moving forward.


The “red” planet, located in Cancer, creates tension. It’s like sparks are flying in the air! And representatives of this sign, more often than others, have problems in the family and disagreements with partners.

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Mars in Leo is capable of “freezing” any business; it slows down any activity. And for the “kings of beasts,” regardless of their personal qualities and occupation, during these periods it is incredibly difficult to direct their energy in the right direction and concentrate.


When the planet is in Virgo, problems at work increase, and if we are talking about physical labor, the risk of work-related injuries increases. And during such periods, people born under this constellation should not even try to provide help and assistance to someone, or implement new ideas – you will fail miserably in all your endeavors.


Retrograde Mars in Libra interferes with normal communication. At this time, many people simply cannot bear to be in contact with others and most of all want to be on a desert island. Libra themselves feel this especially strongly.


Mars in Scorpio is simply a master of sweeps! If you start any business during this period, the fiasco will be loud and crushing. Representatives of the sign, among other things, risk becoming an object of ridicule in case of any failure, and the best option for them is to sit in a corner, “digging up” the usual “bed.”


Being in the constellation Sagittarius, Mars encourages rash, hasty decisions. And more often than not, Sagittarius themselves have to convince themselves of the truthfulness of the saying “If you hurry, you make people laugh.”

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When Mars is in Capricorn, there is no need to rush. Never anywhere, the quieter you drive, the further you will go. Representatives of the star sign are also advised to conserve their energy and not try to deal with a lot of things in a short time, as this can lead to health problems, migraines, and insomnia.


The “red” planet in Aquarius is a real provocateur! Quarrels and even fights break out at every turn during such periods. And Aquarius themselves, among other things, become very jealous and are capable of tormenting their soul mate with suspicion.


Mars in Pisces often sends “hello” from the past. We have to deal with old mistakes, shameful secrets become public knowledge… And representatives of the sign may become disappointed in someone close to them.

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