Yearly stargaze: retrograde Jupiter in 2024 and what it will bring to your zodiac sign

Jupiter in the chart is a social planet that influences a person’s position in society and reflects his attitude towards the environment. Its retrograde indicates an obsession with the idea of ​​recognition. In 2024, the retrograde Jupiter period will begin in the fall on October 9th and will last about 4 months.

Watching the movement of planets across the sky from Earth, you can see how a planet, moving forward through the constellation, at some point stops and begins to move back – it becomes retrograde. In reality, the reverse movement does not occur. This is an illusion for earthlings, arising due to differences in the periods of revolution of the planets around the Sun. However, astrologers consider this nuance important and always pay attention to which planet is retrograde.

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What is retrograde Jupiter?

In astrology, the symbol of the planet is a prophet, a fair judge. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. In her sphere of influence, there is expansion, development, higher intelligence, and luck. It is the exact opposite of Saturn and gives light, abundance, honors, wealth, and career.

The card indicates help and protection. The “gifts” of the planet can be different, and depend on the spiritual world of a person, as well as the presence of unfavorable aspects. In a negative sense, Jupiter turns freedom into coercion, power into violence, and wisdom into intellectual knowledge. It indicates a thirst for pleasure, hypocrisy, boasting, protest, and conflict with authorities and the law. During retrograde motion, positive energy weakens.

Jupiter expands the personality in every sense of the word. During the retrograde period, a person feels the need to find the meaning of life, a new belief.

When will retrograde Jupiter start and end in 2024?

Jupiter completes the full zodiac circle in 12 years, staying in each sign for a year. Retrograde periods occur 1-2 times annually and last 120 days.

There will be only one period of Jupiter retrograde in 2024. It will begin on October 9th, 2024, and end on February 4th, 2025.

It is important to note that from May 16th, 2023, to May 25th, 2024, Jupiter will be in the sign of Taurus, and then will move to Gemini, where it will remain until May 2025. In the first half of the year, many enjoyed relative material stability and then discovered new talents. In the fall, with the onset of Jupiter’s retrograde in Gemini, obstacles may arise in matters starting in the summer.

What does retrograde Jupiter affect?

The planet is located outside the Earth’s orbit and affects communication with the outside world. Due to its slow passage through the signs of the zodiac, its influence is long-term and more directed towards the masses of people.

Retrograde Jupiter in Gemini feels uncomfortable. There will be a lot of information coming in, but it will be almost impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff and put new knowledge to good use. People want increased attention to themselves, and to attract it they may violate social norms. The risk of adventures and gossip increases.

In 2024, Jupiter retrograde affects connections between people, resolving disputes, and increasing trust and goodwill. You need to fight your complexes, learn to filter information flows and develop business negotiation and diplomacy skills.

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What can and cannot be done during Jupiter’s retrograde in 2024?

The retrograde period of Jupiter is characterized by difficulties in keeping promises and commitments. There may be a delay in a long-term project. It’s easy to lose your job and status. Problems with the law are possible. Authoritative patrons, like-minded people, and friends may be too busy with themselves.

What not to do during Jupiter retrograde in 2024:

  • seriously count on the help and support of other people.
  • give free rein to your desires and dreams associated with violating social norms and laws.
  • rely on luck.


  • plan your endeavors carefully;
  • work through complexes, become more self-confident;
  • wait for the right moment and rely only on your strengths;
  • develop spiritually.
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Retrograde Jupiter for zodiac signs

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. Before the discovery of Neptune, he was also the patron of Pisces. More than others, its influence is felt by representatives of these signs, as well as those who have a strong Retro-Jupiter or direct Jupiter in their natal chart, forming negative aspects with other planets.

Retrograde Jupiter in a birth chart indicates a certain obstacle on the path to success. It provokes self-doubt and complexes caused by excessive concentration on recognition. On a subconscious level, there is a conflict with authorities, a comparison of oneself with others, and a fear of seeming funny and ridiculous. A person feels that he does not reach a certain level, and therefore experiences a range of negative emotions. It is important to find your philosophy that will resonate in society and to learn to feel happiness in the moment.

In a man’s natal chart, Retro Jupiter indicates difficulties in obtaining high status. He tries very hard to exercise his authority and reacts painfully to disrespect. For a woman, the retrograde position of the planet is a sign of dependence on the opinion of society, and the inability to adequately respond to criticism. She seeks approval and expects status from her partner.


In 2024, the period of retrograde Jupiter for Aries will be favorable for rest and a temporary lull in activity. It is worth paying attention to the people you trust. Superficial acquaintance is not a reason to tell the most intimate things.

In the natal chart, Retro Jupiter in Aries gives ambition, generation of ideas and projects. A person dreams of grandiose achievements and knows how to find good friends and reliable companions. But the planet also indicates pride and arrogance, which become an obstacle to development. May contribute to obesity and envy.


Representatives of the sign may feel burnt out after an active summer and early autumn of 2024. With the onset of Jupiter retrograde, it is necessary to consolidate the achieved results. If you continue to grab opportunities, afraid of missing out, you can lose everything.

Retrograde Jupiter in Taurus in the chart means the eternal search for truth through the material. Happiness is equated with wealth, gratitude is associated with gifts and rewards. When a person fails, he blames his laziness for everything. May become depraved.

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During Jupiter retrograde 2024, Gemini risks losing the balance between personal life and work. Neglecting loved ones will lead to failure in both areas. We need to look for a middle ground.

When Jupiter is retrograde in Gemini, intellectual abilities increase, a person has a writing talent, easily achieves success in journalism, and pedagogy, and surrounds himself with worthy people. Usually lives a long life in praise, but often misses opportunities due to procrastination.


During the retrograde of Jupiter in 2024, Cancers can withdraw into themselves, and immerse themselves in thoughts about the future. A sharp jump in status and fundamental changes are possible. For loved ones, this behavior is incomprehensible. To avoid conflicts, you need to explain your special condition.

Retrograde Jupiter is strong in Cancer. It gives a wise, intuitive, self-sufficient, gentle, and honest person. There is closeness with the mother and high spirituality. Material wealth matters little. The downside is excess generosity, emotionality, and optimism, contrary to reality.


The period will bring thoughts about changes in your personal life. There is no rush to make a final decision. Retrograde Jupiter in 2024 encourages you to reconsider your attitude toward your partner and achieve mutual understanding.

Retro Jupiter in Leo has considerable power. It promotes a strong physique, fortitude, high moral principles, and position in society. The person loves exclusive and expensive items and is dominant, and domineering, but kind and generous. His disadvantage is that he has too high an opinion of himself.


During Retro Jupiter 2024, Virgos can feel their exclusivity. The temptation to criticize others is great. You need to focus on developing self-love and learning to respect and accept people for who they are.

Jupiter retrograde in Virgo is uncomfortable. Bright ideas don’t take root. The person is stubborn, doesn’t want to listen to anyone, and does everything his way. Means satisfaction through work, success in medicine, military affairs, and bureaucracy. With unfavorable aspects, it gives laziness, inability to resist troubles, and gastrointestinal diseases.

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If you don’t now develop the ability to build and defend personal boundaries, those around you will simply sit on your head. Libras with Jupiter retrograde in 2024 need to give more importance to their feelings and emotions.

In the natal chart, Retro-Jupiter in Libra gives development in the field of partnerships, as well as sexuality, beauty, and a careful choice of a spouse. Marriage is seen as a transaction. A person may find it difficult to finish what he starts or spend a lot of time on entertainment.


It is important for Scorpios to feel useful and to win in the professional field. However, energy may be lacking during Jupiter’s retrograde in 2024. It is useful to pay attention to strategy and study theory. This will allow you to reboot and see new perspectives.

Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio can indicate a difficult childhood. Gives an intelligent and easy-to-learn person, the ability to heal and reveal secrets. The bad thing is that such people are overly self-confident and prone to unjustified risks and adventures.


During the retrograde period of their ruler in 2024, Sagittarius will face a lack of luck and successful contact with people. You should take care of your mental health and do everything slowly.

Retro Jupiter in Sagittarius gives a philosophical idea, dissemination of knowledge, humanity, goodwill, and recognition by society. Misunderstanding often comes from the family. A person is rarely successful in business and may be prone to fanaticism, gambling, or unprofitable investments.


For Capricorns, the time will come to test their strength. Contacts with people are not easy, the airbag is thinning. It is necessary to pay attention to the spiritual component of life and give up strict control of the situation.

If there is retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn in the chart, we can talk about the desire to accumulate wealth, possibly greed. Security is achieved at any cost. But you have to pay for this with difficulties in other areas of life (lack of parental love, childlessness, loss of a spouse, etc.).

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During the Retro-Jupiter period in 2024, Aquarius will find it difficult to deny themselves whims and restrain emotions. We need to fight our inner demons and become more rational and practical, so that dark times do not come.

In the natal chart, retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius means the material well-being of society, helping the disadvantaged, quick temper, but quick-wittedness. Gives a person a mood, a social worker, or a volunteer. May become depressed and refuse to move forward. Prone to diseases of the heart and lower extremities.


Representatives of the sign will have to work through anxiety. The situation around us is unstable. It is important to learn to enjoy the little things and become the best version of yourself. Then problems will be solved simply, like mathematical problems.

Retro Jupiter in Pisces indicates spiritual development and connection with the other world. Gives help from the other side, extreme kindness, and compassion. People love to be near bodies of water. Success comes far from your hometown. An overly idealistic approach can get in the way of a happy life.

It must be said that the influence of retrograde Jupiter is quite mild, and is felt after 30 years, not earlier. He is the most positive planet in astrology. “Lessons of Jupiter” takes place without serious shocks. In 2024, the lesson is aimed at helping people accept the truth about their loved ones, soberly assess events in the world, and learn benevolence.

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