Why money in a family should be kept by the wife

Who in the family should keep all the money? Who should control all expenses? Perhaps each person will have their own reasoned opinion on this matter.

Vedic astrologers claim that for the prosperity of the family it is very important that the money earned by the man is at the disposal of the woman. Why the wife and how does it help improve the well-being of the whole family?

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Five reasons to give money to a woman

The goddess of abundance and prosperity

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According to Vedic astrology, a wife is a manifestation of Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance and prosperity. So let all the abundance and prosperity that a man achieves be in the hands of his goddess!

Thoughts about money

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Even the ancient sages noticed: when a man owns money, he thinks a lot about it, and this prevents him from earning money. Men need a clear head, a clear mind and sober thinking, and not a mind clouded by money.

Money management

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When a man manages money, his wife, not knowing about the amount of money, wants him to spend more money on her. Not getting something, she thinks that her husband is stingy and greedy. When the family budget falls into the hands of a woman, real order and reasonable savings begin in the family, since the wife can no longer psychologically afford too much, since she is entrusted with keeping money and managing it wisely.

Power to attract money

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A woman has a special magic of attracting money. She knows how to handle money correctly on an energetic level. Most women are cleaner and more organized than men, which means that the family budget will always be in order, and money loves that.

Spending money

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When a woman spends money, she does it so naturally! At the same time, she becomes happier and more confident, making her man happy.

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