Why is resentment dangerous and how to deal with it?

Feelings of resentment can harm not only a person’s psychological health, but also their physical condition. Resentment destroys a person from the inside, gradually. It’s like a time bomb, which if you don’t defuse it in time, you can explode inside yourself and cause yourself even greater suffering. Why exactly is this feeling dangerous and how to get rid of it?

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What happens when we get offended

Resentment, like any other negative emotion, negatively affects a person’s biofield, creating energy holes through which any disease can freely pass. Resentment has its own diseases. Remember the popular expressions about this feeling that characterize the state of an offended person:

  • Resentment weighs on my chest
  • Everything in my chest sank with resentment.
  • He is choked with resentment.

It is easy to guess that the most common diseases of eternally offended people are asthma, bronchial disease, coronary artery disease, tachycardia, myocardial infarction, and thyroid disease.

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Is it worth mentioning how much harm resentment brings to a person’s psychological health? How to live happily, remembering grievances? This is impossible!

How to stop being offended

The philosopher and spiritual teacher Osho said very well about how to perceive offensive words and actions that hurt: “If everyone attacks me, I just laugh. And if you were offended, it means that there is pain inside you! You don’t know yourself. The part of you that can be offended is your ignorance. If someone calls you an idiot and you agree, you will be offended. But if someone calls you an idiot, and you know that you are not an idiot, you will just laugh! If you are offended, then you take those offensive words spoken to yourself personally. When you know yourself, no one can harm you. When someone bullies you just close your eyes, if it’s true then accept it. If not, then laugh, don’t be serious!”

Perhaps no psychologist has ever said it better!

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In order to stop being offended, you need to learn a few rules and constantly repeat them like a mantra if you feel that you are about to be offended.

  • I am the master of my destiny and the master of my emotions. I am not going to succumb to outside provocations.
  • Nobody owes me anything. Not a single person in the world. Only I myself provide my own happiness and success.
  • Resentment makes me a weak and helpless person. She doesn’t let me breathe deeply and enjoy life!

Learn to let go of grievances and forgive, first of all, for the benefit of your own health!

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