Why a fool is dangerous: five laws of stupidity

Why a fool is dangerous: five laws of stupidity. The fool is the most dangerous personality type…

Do stupid people annoy you too? So active. Who carries their narrow-minded thoughts to the masses with great enthusiasm. Loud. In my opinion, this is one of the criteria for stupidity: the more stupid a person is, the more categorical his judgments and assessments are.

And yet, as it turned out, stupidity lends itself to real scientific analysis. The Italian economic historian Carlo Cipolla wrote the essay “Basic Laws of Human Stupidity” back in 1976.

This theory is useful to know with a preventive purpose. Stupidity is much more dangerous than we used to think about it.

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The first law of stupidity. A person always underestimates the number of idiots that surround him.

That’s right! The people who foam at the mouth with incredible ideas on talk shows and brook no objection used to come across as intelligent.

According to the Italian, a person can be born a fool in the same way as he is born a dwarf or a person with the fourth blood type. Will of Providence, however. It would have been better if they kept quiet…

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The second law of stupidity. The probability that a person is stupid does not depend on his other qualities.

This is an amazing fact. Sociologists know that in a society, regardless of the level of development or race, boys and girls are always born approximately equally. The situation is exactly the same with the number of fools – their share is always about the same.

Education has absolutely no effect on their number. Experiments carried out in five different social groups have confirmed that a certain number of fools are found among low-skilled workers, office workers, students, teachers, and even in a group of Nobel laureates!!!

Curiously: the number of fools and the number of fools is also the same?

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The third law of stupidity. A fool is a person whose actions lead to losses for another person, and at the same time do not benefit himself or even turn into harm for him.

And therein lies the danger. It is impossible to predict the actions of a fool. He will harm you for no reason, no purpose, no plan, in the most unexpected place, at the most inopportune time. When will the blow be struck? Unknown. Therefore, his attack usually catches him by surprise.

Goethe very aptly remarked:

“Of all thieves, fools are the most harmful: they simultaneously steal time and mood from us.”

And not only!

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The fourth law of stupidity. Non-fools always underestimate the destructive potential of fools.

Fools have unlimited destructive potential. Remember the situations when those came to power. I won’t mention names, but smart leaders don’t play color revolutions.

So it’s better not to deal with them. And if it’s completely impossible (I can say with a 99% probability that one of my leaders was a classic fool in exact accordance with this study), then at least clearly understand who you are dealing with. And do not look for logic where it cannot be.

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The fifth law of stupidity. The fool is the most dangerous personality type.

Even so? Is it more dangerous than bandits? Yes! Bandits in power? Then the society is stable, it adapts to corruption and learns to circumvent the laws. Where there is poison, there is an antidote.

But fools … When idiots get power, they damage everything that they manage, without benefiting. Benefits are destroyed, and the society they control becomes poorer.

Do stupid people annoy you too? Apparently not right. Remember what a very intelligent person said about this:

“There are only two infinite things: the universe and stupidity. Although I’m not sure about the universe.” – Albert Einstein

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