What to plant in your garden so that the mole cricket avoids it

Spring started, so I started to think about what to plant in my garden so that the mole cricket would avoid it. I was digging through various methods and decided to share them with you. 

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With age, your outlook on life changes, and many things are perceived completely differently. As a child, for example, our old dacha near a pond with a neat garden and a small vegetable garden seemed to me like a heavenly place, with plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, and berries.

Now I associate it not so much with relaxing in the fresh air but with the eternal struggle for one’s harvest with resourceful pests. They are resourceful not because they are savvy, but because they find everything delicious on the site and strive to eat it. An extremely insidious eater of insects is the mole cricket. I had to get to know her better.

Mole cricket

Top, mole-cricket, earthen crayfish – these are the popular names of the common mole cricket. But no matter what you call her, the disposition of this unpleasant-looking creature does not change. This creature is omnivorous and gnaws everything that gets in its way. It feeds on seeds, tubers, bulbs, roots, shoots, and stems, and also eats small spineless animals. That is, the insect will not die of hunger.

The common mole cricket prefers moist areas of the garden, well fertilized with manure. It digs tunnels in the soil, damaging the delicate roots of young plants. The female beetle builds a nest at a depth of up to 20 cm and lays at least 300 eggs. Thanks to its incredible fertility, the pest spreads quite quickly. If you do not take measures to combat it, you may be left without a harvest.

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From what are mole crickets afraid of and how to deal with them?

Tops die at low temperatures. In the garden, at a depth of up to 80 cm, traps are prepared for them: after harvesting, they dig a hole, fill it with manure, and sprinkle earth on top, sticking a branch to mark the place. It is recommended to use horse manure for the trap because the beetles like it best. Insects will gather here for the winter. In the depths of winter, the trap is dug out and manure is spread in a thin layer over the bed. The pests hidden in it will freeze to death, every single one.

In spring and summer, when digging or weeding beds, gardeners are advised to pour 100 ml of unrefined sunflower oil or 1 liter of homemade solution into the cabbage holes, which are prepared by mixing water with diesel fuel, chicken droppings, laundry soap, or other detergent. Instead of a solution, you can take an infusion of celandine. To prepare it, you need to fill half a bucket of crushed plants to the top with water, let it brew for 3 days, and strain. The beetles that come to the surface must be collected and destroyed.

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Chicken droppings should be collected. It is used to fertilize the soil and is also scattered around the garden to repel pests. Eggshells are used for the same purpose. It must be crushed and poured into each hole or groove when it is necessary to repel the earthen crayfish. If the garden is small, then you can spray the crumbs over the entire area.

Traps for mole cricket

To exterminate mole crickets, special traps, and tunnel traps are set. You can buy them in a store or make them yourself. The most primitive trap is a bottle one-quarter full of beer. It is buried in the ground at an acute angle. There should be a depression in the neck that needs to be well moistened. The structure is hidden from the sun under a piece of tin, linoleum, or slate.

The catch must be checked every three days. Some craftsmen manage to catch mole crickets using triple fishing hooks, which are used when fishing for predatory fish. The tees are tied with a fishing line to a stick, leaving a small leash, and lowered into the hole. The specimens that come across are pulled out.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Insecticides are used to kill tops. Feeding poison to insects is very simple. You need to boil peas, wheat, corn, or barley in an old saucepan and cool. The seeds can not be subjected to heat treatment but can be soaked in beer overnight. Then a poisonous drug is added to the container and left for a day. The pickled grain is distributed into holes throughout the area and covered with pieces of slate or sprinkled with earth so that birds do not eat it.

There is already processed millet on sale, which can be immediately used in the country. When using chemical pest control products, you must follow safety rules and wear gloves.

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There is an opinion that the cabbage plant cannot tolerate the aroma of calendula, marigolds, and mustard. It is possible that she does not like these plants, but I was not able to drive away the pests with their help. So I placed beer bottles in the area and buried the poisoned corn. After that, the tops disappeared.

What methods of fighting mole crickets do you know? Will you share your experience?

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