Weekly stargaze: Horoscope from March 11th to March 17th, 2024

A new week is coming, in which new ups and possible downs await us. After doing weekly stargaze, I believe that there should be an order of magnitude more victories than losses, so it’s time for you and me to perk up and start believing in ourselves with all our hearts.

Most likely, emphatic people who feel other people’s emotions very well will become very strong this week. Such individuals will be very insightful, successful in love and friendship. It is also worth noting all those who are not afraid to spend more energy and effort on work and business. This is the time of hardworking people who are not used to putting off until later what can be done right now.


During these seven days, Aries will be able to earn more and spend less. The love sphere will also experience a huge boost, so there is no time to waste. Aries should pay off debts and fulfill previously made promises. This week can be filled with pleasant adventures. Yes, everything can go at a very dynamic pace, but you shouldn’t be afraid of it. Courage will help Aries enter the game and emerge victorious.


Weekly stargaze advises that Taurus should accept all the changes that await them in the period from March 11th to March 17th, because this is what the planets and stars want from them. The night luminaries want to give Taurus happiness. You need to act guided by the rules of morality and common sense. You can trust your intuition, as Venus will sharpen it. You can go on trips or travel. At work, you can safely introduce something new into routine actions.

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Gemini will be able to unleash their leadership potential. This is their time, their time on stage. weekly stargaze recommends that representatives of this Sign do as much sports as possible, go outside, and be more physically active in general. Due to idleness and laziness, Gemini, on the contrary, may begin to get much more tired during the day. You will have to give it your all, but the result will please Gemini. Their actions will have positive consequences.


Cancers will be able to succeed in love and in career matters. It is very important that they can easily keep up with two rabbits – success in both areas. The main thing is not to rush when doing some things. Your significant other, relatives and children will be more supportive and diplomatic, so you will have to answer them in kind. To achieve maximum harmony. It is important to make your loved ones feel loved and needed.


During these seven days, Leos cannot be indifferent to the opinions of their significant other or relatives. This will help strengthen love, friendship, regain or strengthen the trust of loved ones. The main thing now is not to be shy about benefiting from your actions, because Leos can grow significantly in their careers. In love and in business, appearance will play a decisive role. It is worth properly separating your wardrobe for work and weekend.

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Weekly stargaze promises that Virgos will be able to improve their mental and physical health without any problems, and already at the beginning of the week. These people will experience energetically strong days with the support of their patron, Mercury. You can safely take on several things at the same time and start new projects: when you achieve your goal, it will be easier to overcome difficulties. Many of them will go away on their own.


Libra will be able to reduce the number of problems by solving many of them or understanding how this can be done in the future. It will also be useful to change the environment, which is quite important for those who are tired at heart. Rest will be beneficial. Everyone in a relationship will benefit from spending time together and doing things together. It is important to be as close to your loved ones as possible. They will give Libra the self-confidence they need.


The people around will help Scorpios solve problems of any nature – love, business. All currently single Scorpios will be able to find a soul mate, but only if they don’t sit and wait for the weather by the sea, but start taking action. Problems in relationships with a partner will go away, and a white streak will begin in the life of Scorpios. You will need to learn to share your good mood with others.

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From March 11th to March 17th, Sagittarius can have quite a lot of bright impressions, new acquaintances and trips. Thanks to the strong position of Venus and Mercury, Monday and Tuesday promise to be successful in both business and personal life. These will be the best days for new beginnings. Successful events await Sagittarius. The planets are on their side, so the lives of people of this Sign should change significantly.


It’s time to take care of your health. Weekly stargaze advises that this is a great time for Capricorns to go on a diet and stop doing what is destroying their body and soul. Capricorns will become very strong mentally. They are able to cope with any difficulties in life, and also help any other person do the same with their instructions and psychological support. The period from March 11th to March 17th is very positive from almost any point of view.

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Aquarius should be in public as often as possible. If you can take a vacation, you can do that too. The main ban this week is gambling. They will deprive Aquarius of luck. Now it is better to spend and invest money more carefully. If you have active loans, it is better to pay them off as quickly as possible. Aquarius who are rational and sensible will be able to become more successful and gain the respect of others.


Pisces will have the best luck at the beginning of the week. If everything went wrong before, now fate will be more favorable to them. In love, you can change everything in the most dramatic way for the better. At the end of the week, Pisces can reap the fruits of their labors. As success increases, so will the level of envy, so you need to monitor people’s behavior and actions. Anyone looking for love better be honest.

There are always some obstacles between us and a happy life, but this week many of us will be able to overcome these obstacles. Believe in yourself and be completely honest with yourself. May all roads lead you to success.

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