Brownie: Tips for interacting with a brownie to gain his protection and win him over

There is a brownie in any apartment or house. This is a kind of invisible guardian of calmness, comfort, and harmony. It is very important to interact with the brownie correctly so that he helps you, and does not interfere. Experts decided to tell you how to do it right.

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Why is it important to be able to interact with brownies

If the brownie is upset or dissatisfied with you, then you won’t have to wait for his help. Moreover, he can start to mess up. You need to strive to ensure that your actions give joy to the keeper of the heart. A kind and contented brownie is capable of many good deeds. For example, a satisfied brownie may:

  • protect people from evil spirits;
  • improve sleep and relieve people of bad dreams;
  • create an invisible and barely perceptible home comfort at any time;
  • maintain a good mood;
  • protect the family and home from damage and the evil eye;
  • calm the animals.

This is only a small part of what a good and satisfied brownie is really capable of. For this reason, we strongly advise you not to swear at him and keep in touch.

Image by 1195798 from Pixabay

Signs that you and the brownie are in a bad relationship

You keep missing things. Yes, even in a good mood, a playful brownie can take something from you to “play”, but he will return it pretty quickly. An angry brownie does not return things for a very long time. Very often brownies steal sweets.

Strange things are happening. The water itself opens, and the doors open. At night, some strange sounds are heard, and noise appears.

Pets behave very unusually, aggressively, or nervously. They can throw themselves at walls, bark, whine, be afraid, hide, and so on.

Light bulbs constantly burn out and electrical appliances do not work well. Short circuits may occur, and malfunctions may appear.

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Home plants dry up. This is rare, but also possible. This always happens where negative energy is concentrated. If a brownie dissatisfied with something lives near the flowers, then it will wither.

You often wake up at night. Brownies rarely interfere with people’s sleep – even in an aggressive state. However, sometimes they can come close to the residents of the house, which for light sleepers will cause a lack of sleep, restless sleep, and constant awakenings.

Image by 1195798 from Pixabay

How to win the favor of a brownie

Stop cursing. Brownies hate screaming. They can’t stand loud sounds, including too loud music. If people in the apartment are constantly scolding, then the brownie can get angry.

Follow the order. Brownie hates dirt, chaos, and disorder. Put things away, and wipe the dust in dark and inconspicuous coals. Brownies can not stand the presence of dirty dishes.

Try to make sure that the children in your house cry less often. Brownies do not like children’s crying. If the children live happily, then the brownie will be happy and contented.

Make him dinner. Set the table and leave food overnight. This simple ritual should help you if something suddenly upset the brownie and he began to act up, be naughty and give you problems.

Stop whistling and smoking. Brownies really don’t like cigarette smoke. Vape and hookah are no exception. The whistle is very annoying to the spirit of the hearth. Don’t whistle, not even in jest.

Brownies love gifts. Mostly sweets and milk. Leave a saucer of milk or sweets overnight. He will like it very much.

Do not leave sharp objects on the table overnight. These include, first of all, forks and knives, which we often leave on the table without thinking about the consequences.

Communicate with brownies. Greet him when you come home and say goodbye to him when you leave for a long time. He loves to be called “master”.

Also, do not forget that the brownie is attached not so much to the house as to the people living in it. He can go with you himself, or he can stay without wanting to.

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