Thoughts that lead to troubles and failures in life: how to protect yourself from them

Thoughts shape our environment and the reality around us. Yes, even if this does not happen immediately and not instantly, this is their main danger. It’s time to find out which thoughts are the most dangerous of all.

Earlier we talked about how thoughts control our health. Here you can go even further and say that your fate directly depends on them. They just seem unimportant because we don’t say something out loud, but we don’t need to say something bad at all for it to come true.

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The Most Dangerous Thoughts That Can Ruin Your Life

“I’m not in control of my life.” When a person convinces himself that what is happening around him is beyond his control, and also that he cannot regulate the events that take place in any way, this harms him very much. In fact, you and I can very much change our destiny. Remember that your thoughts control the world around you and have no doubt that if you really want to achieve something, it will happen. The main thing is not to forget that desires must be supported by actions.

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“I’m unlucky/unlucky.” Let lady luck rarely look into your life, but this does not mean that she does not do this at all. Imagine that you are doing good to someone – helping with something important, but once a month. Now imagine that this person tells you that you are not helping him at all. These will be extremely hurtful words. The same thing happens in a situation with thoughts like “I’m a loser”, or “bad luck, oh well.” Fortune can turn away from you completely to teach a lesson and show what a losing streak really is.

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“I’m always right / right”. When a person thinks that he is perfect, this confidence is often shattered into smithereens by new problems. Nobody can be right 100% of the time. Nothing is absolute. Excessive self-confidence often harms you and me, and no less than its lack.

“I’m afraid that it won’t work out”, “failures are bad”. Fear of failure blocks success. This causes a person to waste time and energy in vain. Also, such thoughts cause the appearance of perfectionism. Don’t be afraid of failure, because it is part of normal human development. Without failure, there will be no growth.

“Life is not fair”. This is true, but you definitely shouldn’t think about it, because today it is unfair to you, and tomorrow you can get everything. Injustice is fiction. It’s just that the Universe cannot give absolutely everything to just one person. Good luck will definitely come, and if it is not there for a long time, you do not need to blame fate for everything.

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“I don’t have time”. These thoughts come to those who work hard and do not have the opportunity to rest. It is important to remember that we always find time for what is really important. Most likely, if you do not have enough time for something, you simply have the wrong priorities in life.

“I don’t want to fall in love and take risks anymore”, “love does not exist”. These thoughts come to mind for those who are disappointed in relationships, marriage, and love. Breakups happen, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop believing in the magic of love. It is important to keep looking for someone with whom you can build the strongest possible alliance.

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How to get rid of such thoughts

The best way is affirmations. If you realize that luck bypasses you, say to yourself as often as possible: “I am a lucky person.” If you have lost faith in love, repeat to yourself more often: “I can find a person who will love me” or “I love myself, so others love me.”

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It is also very important to keep the sources of such thoughts away from you. For example, very often bad thoughts in our head are generated not by ourselves, but by the people who surround us. For example, parents or friends may speak directly or imply that we will not succeed with a new job or that we are always some kind of problem. It is better to communicate with such people less often or learn not to listen to their conclusions.

We advise you to get acquainted with the words and thoughts that attract good luck. Think positive thoughts and don’t let your thoughts go negative, so as not to spoil your destiny.

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