These will be the most dangerous days in April 2024: prepare yourself!

The most important value in the modern world is information. Knowing which days are dangerous in April, you can successfully plan your affairs and avoid obstacles.

In April there will be as many as eight dangerous days, that is, almost one-fourth of all days of the month will be unfavorable. This is a record bid in 2024, so be extremely careful during these days.

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April 1st – the beginning of Mercury’s retrograde movement

From April 1st, 2024, to April 25th, 2024, the planet of communication, intelligence, and information will be in a retrograde state. At this time, problems with memory, troubles in the work process, love, and communication in general may arise. At this time, it is especially important to be attentive to details and avoid making spontaneous decisions. Be careful during this period, especially April 1st – the very first and most dangerous day of the planet’s retrograde movement.

April 3rd – Venus conjunct Neptune

On this day, most people will be deprived of the desire for diplomacy and the search for compromise. With a high probability. The 3rd will be a very, very unfavorable day for communication and new acquaintances. The likelihood of meeting an unpleasant person at work or on the street, in a store, or on the Internet will increase significantly.

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April 5th – Venus moves into the Sign of Aries

The first house is responsible for emotions, appearance, and health. On April 5th, Venus will move into the first house of the horoscope, which will provoke a sharp surge of negative energy. This will greatly affect our attitude towards ourselves. Most likely, on the 5th it will seem to us that we have aged, have become somehow ugly, incorrect. If it seems to you that you, for example, went to the gym in vain the last few weeks, then this is not so. Your attitude towards yourself on the 5th will not reflect the real essence. The same applies to the next couple of weeks.

April 8th —total solar eclipse in Aries

The most dangerous and most unpredictable day of April. A total solar eclipse is always bad, especially in the Sign of Aries. This indicates that the likelihood of spontaneous and unexpected troubles will increase to the limit. I strongly advise on this day to be very, very careful in everything without exception. People on this day will carry bad news, negativity, and false information. Don’t believe everything you see. Trust common sense and do not rely on intuition if you do not want to get into a difficult situation.

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April 10th – Mars conjunct Saturn

On this day, our willpower will crack. People will become weak-willed, weak, dull, and lose motivation. The desire to fight for your happiness may suddenly disappear. This promises a decrease in profits and a loss of reputation at work and in business. On such a day, it is very easy to lose what you have been building for months or even years.

April 11th – Sun conjunct Mercury

Creating new connections on this day will not lead to anything good. Mercury in opposition to the Sun will not allow you to accept criticism normally. People will stop understanding each other. This is a day of quarrels, negativity, swearing, and bickering.

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April 19th – Mercury conjunct Venus

On this day, a person’s need for communication may drop sharply. If someone stops communicating with you, do not rush to respond in kind. Just relax and wait until April 19th flows into the next day, and Venus and Mercury stop fighting for the right to own our soul and body. This is also a day of very strong fatigue the return of illnesses, and deterioration of well-being.

April 30th – Mars moves into the Sign of Taurus

In Taurus, Mars feels extremely negative. On April 30th and in the next few weeks, you and I may lose the urge to realize our goals and desires. Our aspirations will turn into a “pumpkin”, and our motivation will suddenly disappear. Assertiveness will be replaced by despondency and laziness. This is the most unfavorable time for concluding important deals and solving legal problems.

The positive point is that only two events will have long-lasting consequences – the transition of Venus into Aries and the transition of Mars into Taurus. The remaining days will be extremely unfavorable, but their energy will quickly fade away.

Dangerous days require maximum caution but do not sound the alarm too much. You just need to remember to have a backup plan and that all important matters at this time will require special attention and concentration. Also, check out the favorable days in April to know when you can put your foot on the gas.

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