These foods will restore strength and energy on certain day

Food provides us with strong immunity, a positive mood, and a surge of strength. It is worth listening to the opinions of experts if you want your food not only to be a pleasure but also beneficial.

Food is not only a source of energy and strength, but also a companion to success. Thanks to a balanced diet, each of us can get rid of many health problems, adjust weight, and quickly replenish vitamins and energy. Experts recommend learning about exactly how you should eat by day of the week to maintain a great mood, and good spirits and attract success.

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Experts in the field of bioenergy recommend starting the week with white fruits and vegetables. Boiled potatoes, white radishes, fruit salads made from the pulp of pears and apples, as well as sour cream and yogurt dressings will increase performance, and reduce fatigue and anxiety levels. Eating these products will help you become braver so as not to get lost in unforeseen circumstances, and will also protect you from frequent mood swings.

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The second day of the week is ideal for red foods. Tomatoes, peppers, grapes, pomegranates, red fish, and beef will stimulate brain function. The content of useful substances in these products will improve your well-being and give you energy. Eating pomegranate kernels or freshly squeezed juice will provide an excellent mood, and grapes will have a beneficial effect on well-being.

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On Wednesday, it is best to consume foods that can protect against negative influences and strengthen the biofield. Orange fruits and vegetables will help you cope with this task. Carrots, citrus fruits, peppers, and apricots will fill you with energy, relieve stress, and give you the strength to take decisive steps toward your well-being. You will be able to maintain emotional balance thanks to juicy persimmons.

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Thursday is a time of active work, when not only responsibility is required, but also luck. Green foods will help you put yourself in a good mood, strengthen your intuition, and prevent mistakes. Fresh cucumber salad, broccoli, avocado, baked apples, and celery have the necessary combination of useful substances, and thanks to them you will be able to conclude profitable deals, find a common language with your environment, and make wise decisions.

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Products in purple and amber shades will help you find harmony, strengthen relationships with loved ones, and get rid of loneliness. Their use will also help to reveal creativity, find a path to success, and strengthen your energy. It is best to use eggplants, purple cabbage, plums, dried apricots, apricots, peaches, and honey pears for cooking.

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On Saturday, bioenergy experts recommend adding black and dark blue foods to your diet. Their properties will help protect against the evil eye and damage, add confidence, and cleanse the aura. The following are suitable for this: black currants, grapes, black radishes, prunes, and raisins.

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Sunday is a time to restore strength and strengthen the immune system. On this day of the week, it is best to eat yellow vegetables, fruits, and spices. They will have a beneficial effect on the emotional background, help restore energy, and exacerbate premonitions. In addition, yellow foods can attract financial abundance. For these purposes, they use peppers, turnips, zucchini, pumpkin, melon, and pineapples, as well as turmeric, sea buckthorn, and rowan.

Each product has special properties, and for a balanced diet, it is important to diversify the menu. The presence of vegetables and lean meats will have a beneficial effect on your overall well-being and will give you strength and energy for any accomplishment.

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