These days will be very dangerous in December 2023: be very cautious!

Not all astrological and astronomical events are favorable. Stars, as always, told us which of them will be the most dangerous in the coming month.

December 4th – Venus moves into the Sign of Scorpio

The first dangerous event is the transition of Venus from Libra to the Sign of Scorpio. This day itself will be extremely unfavorable. Stars say that the greatest threat will be to our well-being. You can easily get sick on this day, as well as on subsequent days up to and including December 28th.

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December 13th – the beginning of Mercury’s retrograde movement

Retro Mercury is always a bad event, which means only one thing – problems with money, work, and education. Our memory on this day will work very poorly, just like our attention. Do not spend money on the 13th and do not count on the help of other people. Be extremely careful in everything and do not make empty promises to anyone. Mercury will be in the retro phase until January 2nd next year inclusive.

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December 22nd – winter solstice and conjunction of the Sun with Mercury

Winter Solstice is the darkest day of the year. Most people will have very little energy or desire to do anything. It’s very good if this Friday is a day off for you. If not, then don’t overload yourself with work and activities. The conjunction of the Sun and Mars will make us more impulsive and aggressive. Be kinder to people and don’t rush to conclusions. This is the most dangerous day of December.

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December 28th – Mercury and Mars conjunct

Mercury and Mars in conjunction with each other always bring chaos and destruction to this world. Be extremely careful in absolutely everything – from work to driving. On days like December 28, you should under no circumstances do anything that could harm you in any way, even indirectly. The worst fears and fears on such days come true with a fairly high probability.

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December 29th – Venus moves into the Sign of Sagittarius

On December 29th, Venus will move into Sagittarius, but this is no better than its stay in Scorpio. On the 29th, problems with intellectual abilities await us. Decision-making and thought processes will be difficult. Venus will remain in this position until January 22nd of next year inclusive.

Don’t forget also about the favorable days of December. Stars remind you that life has both black and white stripes. Bad things always come to an end, so don’t lose hope, and be kind, positive, and motivated no matter what. We wish you success.

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