These days will be successful and filled with energy in December 2023: prepare yourself to take control over your life!

The last month of 2023 is coming. It’s time to find out which days of this month will be the most favorable. Looking ahead a little, I would like to note that there will be plenty of them.

December 1st – Mercury moves into the Sign of Capricorn

This is a rather favorable day, as Mercury enriches its energy with the transition from Sagittarius to the Sign of Capricorn. He feels very good in this Earth Sign, so a very, very productive period awaits us all, in which it is worth taking on the most complex and energy-consuming tasks and work projects. You can change jobs and become more active.

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December 5th – Neptune’s release from retrograde

On December 5, Neptune begins its direct phase. This is a very favorable day, on which it will be much easier for all of us to make an effort to overcome bad habits. Don’t be afraid to set ultimatums for yourself and make promises. If you try to become better on any day, it’s definitely on this one.

December 10th – Venus in opposition to Jupiter

The opposition of these two planets synergizes incredibly powerfully. This is an excellent reason to start playing sports, and just be physically active – go for a walk, visit the pool, leave the house. On this day, the most physically active people will experience beneficial changes in many other areas of life. This is a day of good mood.

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December 12th – mirror date

12.12 is a very important spiritual day, on which people who engage in spiritual practices will gain special power. The number Three will begin to rule the world, so you can pray, and conduct various kinds of rituals, rituals to attract love, goodness, and good luck.

December 21st – Venus opposition to Uranus

Again Venus is in opposition, but only on this day not with Jupiter, but with Uranus. This will be a day of important changes in worldview. Listen to your intuition on the 21st. Venus and Uranus will give you strength for any new endeavors. The most important thing is to fight despondency and not let anyone teach you about life.

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December 30th – end of Jupiter’s retrograde phase

The largest planet will give us a small gift by the beginning of 2024. Jupiter will begin to move in a direct direction, which will make you and me more conscious, inspired, and strong in spirit. On the 30th it will be useful to make wishes and think about the future.

Try to constantly look for new sources of strength in order to achieve your goals on any day – not only on the ones described above. Astrologers and experts of the site wish you good luck, success, and only pleasant emotions in December and in life in general.

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