The manipulator trap: how to protect yourself from toxic interference in your life

Toxic people are all around us, we just often don’t notice their influence. It is time to learn how we can effectively defend ourselves against those who try to trick us by taking advantage of our kindness.

First, you need to familiarize yourself with the main signs of toxic people in order to better understand who exactly you are protecting yourself from. Here are the main signs that a person can or wants to use you:

  • he likes to be the center of attention;
  • he does not admit his mistakes;
  • it violates your personal space;
  • lack of empathy;
  • unpredictable behavior.

If you are not comfortable around a person for some unexplained reason, this may also indicate that they are toxic. Communication with such people is extremely dangerous because it can lead to stress, a spoiled mood, increased guilt, a drop in energy, fatigue, and a decrease in self-esteem.

Methods of Protection against Manipulators

Show indifference. In most cases, manipulators are also energy vampires. They try to take advantage of your kindness, not so much in order to enjoy the victory in some business, but rather in order to absorb your despair and annoyance, and aggression. They want some kind of response from you. If this reaction does not occur, the toxic person will stop pestering you. That is why you yourself can set traps for those whom you suspect of manipulation. Just stop reacting somehow to the words and actions of such a person. If he stops communicating with you, it means that he is toxic.

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Think ahead about what and how to say. You need to be careful with toxic people who feed on your energy. Try to think ahead of time about what direction your dialogue might take. Think of all the answers to all the possible questions of an unpleasant person. Answer confidently and quickly, and even better, lead the conversation yourself by asking questions. So the energy vampire will not be able to control you and your emotions.

Remember that we cannot always determine such a person in advance, and we cannot always do this accurately. Everyone makes mistakes, especially if you don’t know the “suspect” for long. In this case, at the first symptoms of negativity on his part, you should try to say that you do not like this behavior or attitude towards yourself. If you can’t get through to a person, then you need to stop any communication with him.

Useful Tricks

Do not look the manipulator in the eye. It can make you drown in unnecessary thoughts. Look, as it were, through such a person – at him, but at the same time without focusing your gaze on his hands, eyes, or face. Periodically look somewhere around you. This will help you stay relaxed and not be distracted by anything.

Constantly ask yourself simple questions: “Why is this person doing this?” or “Why is he telling me this?”. So you can better understand which of you is more beneficial in this or that situation. If the manipulator tries to replace your thoughts and conclusions with his own, trying to fool you, you definitely feel it.

Also, it is strongly recommended that we all remember to use the strongest amulets from manipulators. With their help, it will become much more difficult for you to deceive. Use such passive protection, because it is really extremely important.

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