The environmental affects on our life and luck

Everything is interconnected in our world. What is around us affects our inner world and vice versa. It is time to find out exactly how the surrounding space affects our life, energy, and luck.


The first thing that influences the formation of the right energy in any space: in the house, at work, or somewhere else, is people. It is people who set the tone for everything that happens around them and everything that we feel. If you don’t like those who are next to you, then this still doesn’t mean anything, but if everyone who works or lives next to you doesn’t like you, then the energy of such a space will be extremely unfriendly and negative for you.

If you feel that you want to leave this or that place, then there is a good chance that the people in it are far from being the most pleasant. Of course, you will not have to live in peace in such an environment. Talking about luck in such a place is also not worth it. It is unlikely to solve this problem, although it is worth a try if you are forced to be in this place. You can always try to negotiate with people.


Cleanliness of space is not only about dust and dirt in the house or workplace, in the office, and so on. It is also clean in nature. Resting surrounded by garbage is not very pleasant. A cluttered space is devoid of positive energy, therefore, surrounded by garbage or dirt, a person cannot feel a surge of strength. This is especially true at home. An uncleaned apartment or a house in which there is a lot of rubbish and dirt is a source of negative energy. In such a space, a person can get sick more often, as well as experience a surge of negative emotions. Even in untidy rooms, people are more likely to swear at each other.

Color design

Nature is the best designer. That is why we feel better at sea or in the mountains. Even in a banal park, it is always more pleasant for us to be than at home within four walls. Even the most inveterate homebody can feel it to the fullest if he tries to abstract himself from unnecessary thoughts.

Bright colors are not everything. Some variety is needed. For example, it is very good when one room is painted in one color, and the other in another. The monotony of the room negatively affects its energy and the mood of people.

The best colors for the house: green, blue, black, white, yellow. In the office, the number of such bright elements may be somewhat higher, since you do not spend all your time there and do not relax. If it is possible to choose colors, do it correctly – so that it brings you pleasure and benefit. Earlier we talked about what different shades mean.

Also, do not forget that your mood also depends on many other factors: nutrition, daily routine, and settings. We strongly recommend resting properly and changing the environment more often. May good luck, kindness, and pleasant emotions be with you always, everywhere, and in any situation.

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