The energy of fear and the character of a person: what do our phobias say about you

It is unlikely that there is at least one person in the world who is not afraid of anything at all. Some important character traits can always be identified by our most vivid fears. Be sure to check out this article to learn how to better “read” people.

Fear of the dark

This is one of the most common fears. In most cases, he says that you have a very creatively developed person in front of you. Most likely, such a man or woman has a well-developed not only creativity but also the desire to explore the world. In love, such people are very gentle and loving. Their energy is strong but requires cutting. These are people who value friends, as well as everyone who supports them in any way. They do not like to be in debt, so they will definitely do something good for you in return. Try to compliment them often – they love it.

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Fear of the crowd

If someone really does not like being surrounded by a large number of people, this indicates that this person does not tolerate rudeness towards him. Most likely, you need to be as courteous as possible with someone who is afraid of the crowd. Such people do not tolerate even the slightest conflict. They hate it when someone screams, is rude. Those who experience fear in the midst of a crowd of people greatly appreciate the people with whom they are similar. If they don’t trust you, then you will never be important to them. They may not even want to communicate with you.

Fear of heights

First of all, one can say about such people that they are extremely mysterious. They have very difficult-to-read energy. Sometimes it is impossible to understand what this person wants, how he lives, how he thinks, what he loves, and what he hates. Such people have a well-developed intuition, as well as a very high level of empathy. It turns out that you cannot feel and read them, but they can you. They are very perceptive. They are almost impossible to fool. They feel false from a mile away. Keep this in mind the next time you want to embellish a fact.

Fear of insects and spiders

If a person is very afraid of everything creeping and flying, this indicates a high level of anxiety. Most likely, in front of you is a person who is very worried about any reason. Even the smallest trifle can make him lose heart or delve into his thoughts. In more than half of the cases, such people are very quick-tempered. They are kind to you exactly as long as you are kind to them. One has only to hurt them with a word or deed, as they immediately go into “combat” mode. They try to perceive all the difficulties and problems in life as an opportunity to become better, and not as a reason for frustration.

Fear of blood

The nature of these people is aimed at creating a safe environment. Hemophobia means that a person takes care of his health very much, cares about the future, and often thinks about everything in life ahead. Very often, people who are afraid of the sight of blood go in for sports and eat right. Also, observations show that such people are loved by animals and small children. Their energy is quite stable and pleasant. They have many friends. Even such people often pay increased attention to appearance, paying close attention to it when communicating with others. Aesthetic pleasure in love is sometimes above all for them.

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Fear of being alone

If a person is terribly afraid of being alone, the following can be said about him for sure. First, he has a strong energy. Most likely, it is so strong that other people feel it, and almost immediately – at the moment of meeting or even before the conversation begins. Secondly, these people devote a huge amount of time to working on themselves. They are afraid that they will look somehow wrong. It matters a lot to them how others perceive them. These are very suspicious individuals. In dealing with them, you need to be careful.

Fear of snakes

These are people with a huge amount of motivation. They are often good leaders, able to lead people. They are extremely active and strong mentally. Of the minuses of such people, one can note the inability to relax. They are characterized by workaholism, and from time to time it goes too far. Still, such people can be selfish, but even so, they do not lose a sense of responsibility for their soulmates, children, or parents.

Fear of closed spaces

In other words, claustrophobia. According to surveys and studies, almost one in ten may suffer from this form of fear. As for the energy of such people, one can only say about it that it is strong. However, such people are mostly introverted and also hate clutter at home. They are overly demanding, and uncompromising. They like it when an atmosphere of peace and kindness, warmth, and understanding reigns around them.

You can learn the character and energy of a person not only by his phobias. It can also be done based on his appearance: face shape, nose shape, eye color, gait, and so on. site experts advise not only to analyze behavior and appearance but also to listen to the sixth sense. It also prevents you from making mistakes. We wish you only pleasant people in the environment.

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