The big horoscope for Virgo for December, 2023: happiness will be in your hands!

The last month of the year is a time to take stock, close old debts and “tails,” and prepare for a new page in life. The horoscope for Virgos for December 2023 promises that this period will be eventful and will require representatives of the sign of activity, determination, and openness to new opportunities. Remember that your happiness and success are only in your hands!

Favorable days: December 5th, 10th, 16th, 21st, 27th, 30th.

Unfavorable days: December 6th, 13th, 20th.

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What awaits Virgo in December 2023

For Virgos, December will be marked by changes and tempting prospects. New tasks and work projects await you that will require a lot of attention. Don’t waste time on “building up”, don’t put things off until later, and work hard, it will definitely pay off in the very near future.

December is also favorable for self-development. Take time to “pump up” your skills and abilities, develop talents, and learn something new, this will stimulate your personal growth and help in further achievements and achieving your intended heights.

In the last month of the year, you will need to pay attention to your personal sphere and do this not out of obligation, for the show, but sincerely and from the heart. Spend more time with your loved ones, have heart-to-heart conversations, share your joys and sorrows, and provide support.

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The stars do not advise single Virgos to give up travel, be it a business trip, an excursion, or a visit to relatives living in a neighboring city. It is on the way that you can meet a person who will play a significant role in your future life. It is possible that you will connect your fate with him. And for those who already have someone in mind, the stars advise them to finally take a decisive step, taking the initiative into their own hands. It’s enough to wait for favors from nature, act!

Married Virgos, just like free representatives of the sign, will not be deprived of the attention of the opposite sex. But, when accepting signs of sympathy and flirting, know when to stop – on the eve of the New Year holidays, sorting things out with your significant other who is jealous of you will be completely inappropriate. “Mexican passions” can ruin your entire New Year holidays. It’s better to plan a joint trip at this time to take a break from everyday life and routine – this will bring fresh notes to your relationship and help reawaken your former passion.

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Money and career

The December horoscope promises special luck in the business sphere for Virgos engaged in creative activities. You will literally burst with creative ideas, take a bold, innovative approach to the usual, and maybe break some established stereotypes.

For representatives of the sign of other professions, December will also be very successful and fruitful. You will be able not only to make the most of your existing connections and developments, but also to acquire new contacts, enter into long-term deals, and even begin planning bold, promising projects, the implementation of which, however, should be postponed until next year. However, the stars warn that you should not expect quick results from them; be prepared for slow but steady progress.

And Virgos who have long been thinking about changing their job or field of activity should take a closer look at the offers coming in December. Remember that you are unlikely to get a good position “for beautiful eyes”, so when going for an interview or negotiations with potential partners, prepare thoroughly. If you rely solely on personal charm, do not expect success.

There will be some instability in the financial sector. Virgo’s income in December will be quite decent, but expenses will also increase, and unexpected large expenses are possible. But try not to take loans or borrow from loved ones; if you don’t have enough money, it’s better to think about a part-time job.

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Immersed in business and worries, Virgos often forget about rest, and snack on the run, and in December such carelessness can turn against you. Remember to take breaks, relax, exercise, and try to eat healthy.

And the stars recommend that representatives of the sign suffering from cardiovascular diseases be especially careful. Don’t overwork yourself, and be careful with alcohol and fatty foods during the holidays.

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