The big horoscope for Taurus for December, 2023: take care of yourself and be careful of influence

For Taurus, the last month of the year will pass at a dynamic pace. Some events will be replaced by others, causing conflicting emotions. Astrologers assure you that luck will be on your side, but do not forget about your intuition. At the beginning of December, you may receive a tempting offer or important information.

In the second decade, it will be difficult for Taurus to act as circumstances require. Representatives of the sign will be influenced by someone from the outside. Listen to the opinions of only those people you trust. The third decade will provide an opportunity to correct all mistakes. This is a time of inspiration, romantic dates, and anticipation of magic.

Favorable days – 5th, 10th, 15th, 19th, 23rd, 28th.

Unfavorable days – 2nd, 7th, 13th, 17th, 21st, 26th, 30th.

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What awaits Taurus in December 2023

If in November Taurus felt internal disharmony, then in December the situation will improve. You will feel peace and relaxation. The energy potential will be at an average level, which will predetermine a measured course of life. In the first days of December, you may be offered a business trip or a private trip to distant lands. Whether you accept this offer is up to you.

Perhaps new contacts will be established with business partners from abroad. You may find like-minded people in your family with whom you will be engaged in a common cause. In the second decade, you will be subject to illusions, as a result of which you may commit a short-sighted act – invest money unprofitably or make a useless purchase. During this period, it is better to be critical of your own decisions.

The third decade will be the most favorable period for you. You will deal with past failures, be able to find an additional source of income, and make the right choices, both in personal and business spheres. All these achievements will make you feel good.

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In previous months, Taurus has not had much luck in love. December will change the negative events. You will have a chance to have a romantic relationship. Please note that you should not adjust your partner to fit your own ideas. Better engage in self-improvement by working on yourself.

In this case, the chance of building harmonious relationships will be much higher. Astrologers advise not to look back, longingly remembering your former lover. Focus all your attention on the person who has appeared in your life.

Married Taurus may face a series of scandals and showdowns. Be careful with new contacts. Your partner will not forgive you for cheating. Even if it seems that you have met the love of your life, postpone the decision to leave your family until a later date. It is very possible that you will change your mind.

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Money and career

Taurus likes to stand firmly on their feet and have material wealth. December will delight them with the opportunity to earn good money and make savings. First, you will have to put things in order in financial matters relating to family expenses and running a business. Your potential will allow you to take on part-time work.

But keep in mind, extra work should be fun. Otherwise, your strength will quickly run out. You should not accept offers that promise quick and easy money. This is a recipe for disappointment. Make money from what you are good at.

In work and career, you should act measuredly, and slowly. Surprisingly, in this case, you will have time to do a lot. In the middle of the month, there may be some misunderstandings that will cause frustration. If something doesn’t work out, move on to the next one. Failure shouldn’t stop you. Take it as an experience on the way to new achievements.

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Taurus people are distinguished by good health, but in December it is better to take care of yourself. Previously experienced stress can negatively affect well-being and immune function. Don’t put too much burden on yourself. Beware of lack of sleep and overwork.

Chronic diseases may worsen due to reduced immune defense. In this case, use the recommendations of specialists and follow a diet. Maintain your health with water treatments – take a pool membership, and visit the sauna once a week. Reduce the amount of sweets you consume.

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