The big horoscope for Sagittarius for December, 2023: you will attract people to yourself!

For Sagittarius, December will be a joyful and promising month. It’s not surprising, because during this period you begin a new annual cycle.

The presence of Mars in your horoscope will make you feel strong, energetic, and ambitious. People around you will notice your attractive appearance, smile, and sparkling eyes. Thanks to their charm, Sagittarius will easily build relationships with colleagues, bosses, and business partners. Public affairs are being successfully implemented. But still, don’t be arrogant and set realistic goals for yourself.

Favorable days – 1st, 2nd, 10th, 12th, 31st.

Unfavorable numbers – 7th, 17th, 20th, 23rd.

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What awaits Sagittarius in December 2023

Astrologers advise you to take full advantage of the opportunities that December brings. Do not be distracted by unnecessary goals and pay attention to the opinions of others. Drive according to your chosen course.

Sometimes it will seem that life is testing your strength. Don’t give in to these emotions and show weakness. Your strength is enough for everything you plan. The first half of December will seem a little hectic. You will miss the obvious results of your work. Don’t get emotional, just act according to the previously drawn-up plan.

Extinguish any conflicts that arise with someone without wasting energy on conflicts. Disputes with others are more likely in the second half of the month. The end of December is suitable for career advancement and a radical change in activity.

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The personal life of Sagittarius promises to be interesting in December. The newly started romance will continue, increasingly involving you in interaction with your partner. It will seem that you have an ideal relationship that can only be envied. Your partner will show ardent feelings towards you, but is it worth believing in them unconditionally?

Some may simply create intrigue or present themselves in an attractive way. Develop this relationship if you feel the sincerity in your address. It will be impossible to leave the affair without mental turmoil, so give yourself over to passion to the end only if the person deserves it. If you feel false in your partner, break off the relationship.

Emotional upliftment will stimulate Sagittarius in December to work on themselves. Outside fans and your significant other will appreciate your attractiveness. Married couples will again feel mutual interest, relationships can reach a new level. Families without children will think about having a child.

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Money and career

Sagittarius will have no obstacles to making money in December. Money will flow to you like a steady river. True, they will leak just as easily. Your task for this period is to track your expenses and avoid large expenses. Also, try to avoid conflicts with business partners; your well-being largely depends on them.

Those who have been saving money to purchase real estate will be able to complete the transaction at the beginning of the month. The same period is suitable for purchasing a car. In mid-December, strangers will ask Sagittarius for a loan. Don’t borrow money unless you want to lose it forever. At the beginning of winter, it is better for Sagittarius to avoid gambling, since in the heat of the moment all savings can be lost.

In the world of work, time management comes to the fore. You need to learn how to complete your current tasks and at the same time finish what you started earlier. Fortunately, you have enough strength and energy for everything. At the beginning of the month, your superiors may offer you a leadership position. Do not really trust the opinions of your colleagues about your professional qualities; they are capable of giving you an incorrect assessment out of envy.

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In December, your health may fail if you mishandle your own body. High energy potential can easily be undermined if you neglect rest, proper sleep, and proper nutrition.

In the second half of the month, problems with the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract may arise. Even if you have never had problems with your stomach or other digestive organs, try to eat well without skipping meals. Go to bed at the same time, without delaying sleep. Take a course on multivitamins. These tips seem trivial, but can significantly improve your well-being.

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