The big horoscope for Aquarius for December, 2023: sometimes you will feel lonely!

At the end of the year, it is customary to complete business, pay off debts, and prepare for new achievements. The horoscope for Aquarius for December 2023 advises representatives of the sign not to contradict traditions and to do just that.

However, this recommendation does not at all oblige you to close yourself off from the new and cling to the familiar – if changes knock on your door, do not be afraid to let them into your life!

Favorable days: December 2nd, 7th, 11th, 17th, 21st, 25th, 30th.

Unfavorable days: December 4th, 9th, 15th, 19th, 23rd, 28th.

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What awaits Aquarius in December 2023

From the very beginning of the month, Aquarians need to be prepared for high social activity. New acquaintances and a lot of communication await you, you will find like-minded people and, perhaps, get the opportunity to join some organization, or become a permanent member of a large company “for the same interests.” You may also be invited to participate in a large collective project.

Despite the high activity and many people around you, sometimes you will feel that you are terribly alone and do not find understanding from others. The stars advise not to take these thoughts too seriously – remember that these are just echoes of fatigue. Try to be close to your loved ones at such moments, and your mood will return to normal.

At the end of the year, you are likely to become closer to relatives, contacts with whom were not very frequent before. This will be facilitated by some events in the family, as a result of which you will begin to communicate quite closely and confidentially with one of your cousins/second cousins/uncles/aunts/nephews.

December can also bring a very pleasant surprise to Aquarius, who are concerned about the housing issue. It is possible that you will have an unexpected chance to solve your housing problems.

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The stars advise lonely Aquarians to pay attention to those with whom they communicate at work – colleagues, partners, and clients. Some of these people sympathize with you, and the romance may turn out to be not only pleasant but also useful in terms of further career advancement.

Aquarians who have long been thinking about legitimizing their relationship with their partner are advised by the stars not to hesitate any longer. December is unfavorable for marriage, but it is quite suitable for proposing to a loved one and starting to plan a celebration.

Family representatives of the sign should be gentler with their significant other. Don’t find out which of you is more important, don’t start a “battle for supremacy” for any reason. Better learn to listen and support each other, this will strengthen your connection and will certainly be more useful than “pulling the blanket.”

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Money and career

In the first half of the month, luck will accompany Aquarius in all endeavors related to professional activities. And if difficulties arise, turn to your family and friends for help. There is a person in your environment who can assist you on this issue, although now you are unlikely to know about it.

On the 20th of December, it is better to curtail business activity, postponing it until next year. Just deal with urgent issues and focus on your family, personal life, and preparations for the New Year celebrations.

The financial situation is ambiguous. On the one hand, your income in December will be no less than in the other months of the year, and unexpected income in the form of bonuses or help from relatives is even possible. But the stars require Aquarius to work out their relationship with money – sometimes you are too frivolous, short-sighted, and wasteful, and if you want to stay afloat, you should be more serious and prudent.

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December is more favorable for Aquarius in terms of health than ever before. No problems, exacerbations of chronic diseases, or other troubles are expected. Physical activity, skiing, and all types of winter activities are especially useful for you now. The main thing is to dress for the weather, and everything will be great.

Emotional health is a little more complicated – the stress of recent months and accumulated fatigue can make them feel. To avoid melancholy and increased irritability, find time for meditation, spiritual practices, leisurely reflection, and long walks alone.

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