Star forecast for April 2024: not the happiest month in this year

Star forecast for April 2024: not the happiest month in this year. The second month of spring is ahead. It is very important to know in advance how it will go. I will tell you what to fear, what to expect from people, and where to look for luck for prosperity and success in love.

April will be a rather hectic and difficult month. Retrograde Mercury can provoke an increase in the number of betrayals and problems in the financial sphere, an increase in selfishness, and a desire for solitude. It is advisable to spend more time doing enjoyable activities and not to lose heart. There will be many dangerous days this month, so keep your eyes open.

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In April, Aries should not trust their sixth sense. It is also recommended not to take on other people’s problems. It is important to focus on your business and be a little selfish. This will help resolve all pressing problems as quickly as possible. Prudence and caution will help you achieve your goals. Ambition is good, but too much of it can lead to problems.


Taurus shouldn’t make hasty decisions because they can disrupt plans. April is not yet suitable for business trips and long trips in general. You shouldn’t expect calm – some minor troubles will constantly occur in all areas. You need to devote more time to relaxation, measured activities, and communication with loved ones. Positive changes are possible at the end of the month.

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Gemini is expected to have a lot of troubles of a very different nature, but you should not overreact to everything that happens around you. Negative emotions in April will not bring anything good. Aggression can become a source of new troubles and problems. Mercury retrograde will make it much more difficult for Gemini to make important decisions. Calmness will help make any external events a little less negative.


In April, Cancers are expected to have a period when it is almost impossible to change the present, but it is possible to change the future. The energy of these people will not drop too low due to retro Mercury in early April. Meetings with close and pleasant people and sharing experiences will be useful. It is better to postpone new romantic acquaintances until the second half of the month. I do not advise spending a lot of time surrounded by unfamiliar people.

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In the first few days of April and at its very end, Leos may encounter misunderstandings from loved ones. They may also have new enemies and ill-wishers. You will have to be more flexible to avoid problems at work and home. It will be very easy to quarrel, but making peace will be much more difficult. Leos should pay close attention to their health.


In April, the very beginning of the month will be difficult for Virgos due to the notorious Mercury. However, a lot of important things can happen in the first week. This is not the best time for spending and financial investments. At the end of April, Virgos can meet their love or take an existing relationship to a new level. At work and in business, you should be wary of conflicts, as they will lead to disruption of plans.

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For Libra, the second month of spring will be mysterious and unpredictable. You can attract success with the help of the people around you. Firstly, don’t be afraid to support your relatives and best friends. Secondly, you need to learn from other people’s mistakes. This will help Libra gain confidence, self-belief, optimism and learn something important. It is important to spend more time outdoors.


Scorpios shouldn’t be nervous or stressed in April. To do this, it is better to do only those things that bring pleasure. Active games and going to the gym will be useful. Financial flows will be blocked, so you should not expect great success in work and business. It is also not advisable to make expensive purchases in the first half of the month.

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April should be dedicated to Sagittarius at home. This is a good time to rearrange furniture and do general cleaning. The end of the month will be good for broadening your horizons, gaining new knowledge, learning, and working on scientific projects. At the beginning of April, you should not show excessive initiative in business. It will take a symbiosis of confidence and optimism to achieve your goals. This is a difficult month, but you shouldn’t sit idle in April.


April is the worst time for new beginnings for Capricorns. It is also not particularly suitable for acquiring new knowledge or learning foreign languages ​​due to the retro phase of Mercury. You should also not go on trips or business trips. It is also dangerous to turn away from loved ones and friends who need help. The third decade will be good for creative work.

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Aquarians may have to fight with themselves in April – with their fears and insecurities. These people should be independent, not ask anyone for help, and not dump their responsibilities on others. This can lead to conflicts. The greatest difficulties await those Aquarius whose profession is associated with the constant need to make important decisions.


In love, Pisces shouldn’t be persistent. This applies to both those who are searching and those who have already found love. It’s better to give people freedom and not take up all their time and attention. In these difficult times, you need to think about something pleasant more often. The beginning of the month can be filled with unpleasant disagreements and conflicts with loved ones. At the end of the month, you can start planning joint activities and vacations.

In April, try to consistently follow the important laws of the Universe, because they will help you become happier in this difficult time, as well as avoid difficulties. Don’t be afraid to trust these basic rules because they work. This way you can become more successful not only in the coming month but at any other time.

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