Sprinkle tomatoes after planting with this mixture – and you will immediately see the result: strong roots and a generous harvest

Achieving a good harvest of tomatoes is becoming increasingly difficult, because every year the plants are more susceptible to disease, become whimsical, and stop growing. Therefore, gardeners often think about how to water tomatoes for growth and active fruiting.

If you just stick the seedlings into the ground and do not water or process anything, then you will not wait for the harvest. Even flowering bushes can turn into stunted plants in an instant, and instead of an abundance of tomatoes on the dining table, you will get complete disappointment.

How to water tomatoes for growth

Before watering tomatoes for growth, you should decide on the choice of means for feeding and stimulating plant development. Most gardeners and gardeners are gradually abandoning the use of chemicals in their own beds. They switch to natural fertilizers such as ash, chicken manure, or yeast.

What’s with the yeast? Yes, despite the fact that they will help solve the problem of how to water the tomatoes for growth. Useful substances formed during yeast fermentation perfectly stimulate the growth and development of seedlings in a greenhouse or in a garden. And with further watering, they will force the bush to become covered with selected fruits.

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What is the use of yeast for watering tomatoes? Watering seedlings with a yeast solution naturally stimulates plant growth, activates the development of the root system, and makes them more resistant to disease. Yeast is a nutrient containing vitamins and minerals necessary for the full development and fruiting of vegetables.

The enzymes present in the yeast solution activate the reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the soil. Periodic watering with yeast causes lush flowering of tomatoes and their further rich fruiting. Yeast solution inhibits the growth of various weeds in the garden. The specific aroma of yeast repels slugs and spoils the appetite of some pests.

Steps for preparing a yeast solution for watering tomatoes

  1. Pour a liter of water into the pan and heat it to 30 degrees, pour 4 tbsp. l. granulated sugar and stir. Next, you need to dissolve 50 g of pressed yeast in sweet water and put it in a warm place so that the yeast can ferment.
  2. Instead of pressed live yeast, you can take a small pack of dry granular ones. The fermentation process should last at least 2 hours.
  3. Dilute the fermented liquid in 50 liters of settled water, heated to room temperature. Water the tomatoes with the resulting solution.

This tool can be used to water other vegetables or berries. In addition, it can be used when feeding indoor plants to enhance their growth and abundant flowering. The prepared liquid is immediately completely used since it cannot be stored for a long time. For the next watering, you need to prepare a fresh solution.

You can use both live yeast and dry. But you should pay attention to the expiration date because an expired product will not give the desired effect. Water the tomatoes with this solution no more than 3 times per season. The first time you need to do a yeast top dressing a week after planting the seedlings in the garden, as soon as it takes root a little. For a small plant, half a liter of liquid is enough, which should be poured closer to the roots. And under a large bush, two liters of this product will be required.

Use only natural fertilizers in your own garden, then you will not have to doubt the quality and benefits of homemade vegetables, and the yield will be high!

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