Retro phase of Neptune from June 30th to December 5th, 2023: advice from astrologers to Zodiac signs

On June 30th, 2023, Neptune turns around and begins a retrograde journey in the opposite direction. This will be a very important event with long-term consequences, the echoes of which will be felt until the end of the retro movement – until December 5th.

It will be six months, during which quite unpleasant minor problems can lie in wait for us. Their consequences will be quite unpredictable, so it is important to deal with troubles as quickly as possible in order to prevent unpleasant consequences from appearing. The main problem is that you can not hesitate, but Neptune also does not accept haste. Astrologers advise for the period from July to November inclusive to get rid of the habit of complaining. Neptune does not like it when people complain about fate, but they themselves sit idly by.


The main enemy of Aries from June 30th to December 5th is rudeness. These people can be quite rude, but this character trait will be the most explosive. This summer, Aries may lose many friends because of her and be left alone. It’s time to reconsider your behavior and start to control yourself. If not, then you need to at least learn to apologize for being rude. So you can avoid problems at work and at home. People will not lose respect for Aries because of this, which will help maintain a trusting relationship.


Taurus during the period of the reverse movement of this planet, it is advisable to beware of the return of bad habits. If you want to smoke or sip on a bottle. This can lead to extremely sad and irreversible consequences. If you try to pull yourself together, then you can finally get rid of cravings for the bad and destructive. Astrologers also advise Taurus to stop relying on chance. While Neptune is retrograde, random events will have highly unpredictable consequences, so it’s best to be careful.

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Astrologers recommend that Gemini in summer and autumn be as friendly and responsive as possible to their loved ones and friends. Many of these people may need urgent help. If Gemini will provide it, this will contribute to the favorable development of many events in their lives. Experts also recommend people of this Sign be observant and careful. Their enemies can make annoying mistakes that can be easily exploited. You need to watch how people behave and why they do it.


During the period of retro-Neptune, only the most restrained, cautious, and attentive Cancers will come out as winners. Those who will try to change their lives through risks and adventures will inevitably fail. While this planet is moving in the opposite direction, Cancers need to try to think with their own heads, while not listening to the advice of others, especially those that no one asked for. Surrounding people can create illusions in the mind of Cancers. This is very dangerous because now it can provoke a flurry of troubles.


Leos during retro Neptune will need a modicum of compassion and the ability to put themselves in other people’s shoes. This will be a source of good luck for them because at this time many people will turn out to be callous and not ready to do something disinterestedly. Kindness will be in the price, but only for positive people. If someone does not return kindness for kindness, then Leo will need to stop communicating with this person, and as soon as possible. The negative force of retro-Neptune will not be very powerful, and besides, it will gradually decrease. The most dangerous will be the first two months – July and August.


Virgo in July and August will be very sensitive due to Neptune. It will be extremely easy to piss them off, make them worry, cry or lose heart. In this regard, astrologers strongly advise to communicate more often with those people who give exceptionally positive emotions. Also, with a high probability, Virgos are waiting for a change in life in general. Neptune can trigger the necessary mechanisms to initiate change, many of which will not be the most pleasant. The ability of the Virgo to act deliberately and carefully will definitely come in handy for them.


In Libra, intuition will almost completely weaken in July and August. Starting from September, it will gradually recover. This means that unconscious decision-making at the end of the summer will have an extremely negative impact on the life of Libra, on their mood and success in work, and love. It is better to be extremely careful and not rush. Even in July, you should not go on a long journey too often. Overcoming difficulties will be quite a challenge, but if Libra can keep their optimism and kindness to themselves, then everything will work out.


Astrologers recommend that Scorpios change cunning to openness during the period of retro-Neptune. There is no need to achieve your goal by manipulation and deceit. Otherwise, you can spoil the karma greatly. Scorpios can also expect a deterioration in addictions. If you indulge in bad habits, getting around the obstacles will definitely become an insurmountable task. You have to stay strong, both physically and mentally. Otherwise, everything will go awry. Retro-Neptune time may seem like a vicious circle of problems, but you can get out of it, and quickly.

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Sagittarius’ self-confidence can give a sudden failure, and astrologers cannot say exactly when this will happen – in July, August, or autumn. This may not happen at all, but you should not rely on luck alone. It is important to work on strengthening self-esteem, on maintaining a good mood. Experts do not advise overworking during the period of the reverse movement of Neptune. Also, don’t make empty promises to anyone. This summer and autumn it is better not to spoil relations with people. The consequences of this can be catastrophic.


Capricorns at the very beginning of the retro phase of this planet can be covered by an emotional storm. This will be a very strange time in which Capricorns may find themselves in a weak position due to mood swings. If you do not remain calm, then even minor troubles in life can cause big life problems in all areas. They will accumulate like a snowball, making themselves felt every single day. All Capricorns need to prevent this scenario is simply to calmly accept everything that happens.


Aquarians will most likely have to deal with unpleasant thoughts about the past. Negative nostalgia for the past will cause great troubles in life. Aquarians should also be careful with their desires. For example, if someone tries to annoy them or cross their path, you should not curse the person and begin to take revenge on him. While Neptune is retrograde, it is better to learn to forgive, even the most notorious scoundrels you meet on your way. For this, the Universe will reward Aquarius with success and good luck.


In Pisces, an intellectual decline is expected in the summer due to Neptune, but in the fall everything will begin to return to normal. Even in the summer, Pisces can feel a strong decline in mood, and self-confidence. You will have to be more relaxed about losses and not focus on them for too long. It is important to remember that any negative experience is first of all wisdom. You need to wind on your mustache, learn to be more circumspect. To improve their lives or stay afloat, Pisces needs to start protecting their assets and learn to value their time.

We also recommend that in the period from June 30th to December 5th, develop the habits of people who always have time for everything and are always happy. Astrologers wish you good luck and success in your business.

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