Opposition of Mercury and Pluto July 10th, 2023: the main features of this day of power

The week from 10 to 16 begins on a very favorable note. The opposition of these two planets will have an extremely beneficial effect on all spheres of life. Many of us will be waiting for victory, a good mood, increased energy, and a lot of good luck.

Mercury and Pluto are the two most distant planets from each other. The confrontation is a rather rare aspect, and therefore very positive. Astrologers believe that this day will be ideal for any new beginnings and in general for increased activity. Try to stay energetic and full of energy in order to have time to do everything you have planned.

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It’s the perfect day to flirt

Romance, dating, dating, and flirting – all this will give us great pleasure. Flirting will be much easier than usual. People will be predisposed to communicate. With a high probability, many of us will be able to find someone who can reciprocate.

Don’t be afraid to meet people – in person, on the Internet, through friends, spontaneously. It doesn’t matter what you do. The main thing is how you will do it. If you are in search, be open, joke, smile, try not to think about the bad.

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Sharpening of creative abilities

Even if you can’t call yourself a creative person, July 10th could change that. Many people will feel a powerful surge of intellectual strength and energy. If your job is directly related to developing some new concepts or trying to find an unusual solution to a familiar problem, then you will definitely be lucky. Go through all possible options. Also, write down new thoughts and ideas. It is possible that many of them will get the right momentum in the foreseeable future.

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The best day to work together

According to the forecasts of astrologers, on the day of the confrontation between Mercury and Pluto, things are going very well and efficiently in large companies, where a large number of people are working on solving some problems. Mutual understanding in a large team will be increased. The productivity of huge groups of people will increase, as more often people will try to help each other. Attempts to curry favor with the authorities on such days will not lead to anything. It is much more important to help colleagues in order to show your kindness and desire to work on something together, to be one team, not enemies.

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Auspicious time for reconciliation

If you have enemies, then it is better to raise a white flag and try to negotiate. There is simply no better day for this. Yes, you may not bury the hatchet, but by trying to establish communication and interrupt the flow of negativity, you will definitely reduce the degree of aggression. Perhaps everything will return to normal not this Monday, but in a few days or weeks, but one thing astrologers know for sure – you should not miss the chance to become partners, not enemies.

This is a very, very good day for reconciliation between lovers, friends, and relatives. Be sure to ask for forgiveness if you have offended someone in the recent past. If someone offended you, do not regret getting your heart in order to forgive the person, especially if he admitted his guilt.

This is a very auspicious Monday, which will start a very bright and positive week. Astrologers also recommend that you familiarize yourself with our horoscope to find out what exactly this period can bring to representatives of different Zodiac Signs.

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