Numerological horoscope for the week from July 10th to 16th, 2023

A new week begins, which means that the patron number will change. Numerology experts told us what this number will be, how it will affect our luck and mood, and also gave useful tips on overcoming problems.

During these seven days, many of us will be able to unlock the sleeping potential in ourselves. This will not be an easy task, but the Universe will help us to cope with it. As a result, you will get the opportunity to become happier, more successful, and more successful in general. This will be a great time to try to get better. You will succeed if you do not listen to the opinions of skeptics and whiners.

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The numerological calculation for the coming week

First of all, we need to carry out the usual calculations for us – add up all the numbers of the dates of this week, and then add the serial number of July to them – that is, 7. This is how we find out the patron number. Here’s what happens:

(10+11+12+13+14+15+16)+7=98. 9+8=17. 1+7=8.

Eight is at the helm, which means that financial flows will be more powerful than usual. This fact goes well with the enhanced energy of Mercury. It turns out that absolutely everything indicates that during these seven days, you need to work harder, engage in forced purchases, promote your business, fulfill your duties, and pay off your debts. Eight loves when people take care of their well-being.

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This will be a week in which important financial matters cannot be put aside. Beware of toxic people and manipulators. Because of the gold rush, many people will prioritize financial success over friendship, common sense, kindness, and everything else.

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Numerology tips for the week of July 10th-16th, 2023

During these seven days, our intuition will be sharpened, especially in the field of work and finance. It is worth saying thanks to the Eight. The smartest people will be the most successful. Very impressionable people are advised by numerologists to pacify their feelings and not to perceive everything that happens with hostility.

This week it will become a little more difficult for you and me to feel the emotions and moods of others, which will not benefit the sphere of friendship and love. Eight dulls the desire to do something good for others. Other people’s problems and suffering will be less important for many of us.

Rely first of all on yourself, as there will be many who want not to interact, but to manipulate people and use them to achieve their goals. You don’t have to take anyone’s word for it.

Restrained, laconic, and prudent individuals will be very lucky. As a rule, these are typical introverts. It is they who will be able to get rich, but extroverts will not be so susceptible to possible sudden changes in mood.

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Try to be consistent in your passions and goals. Eight does not like it when people spontaneously change goals and objectives. Follow your plans and don’t rush things. Make decisions thoughtfully, especially if they directly relate to money.

Eight loves people who are very frugal and prudent in terms of finances. There is no need to be greedy this week. Do not spare money for your loved ones if they have a very difficult situation. Trying to patronize and financially support those who need help.

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It is very important to spend money on your home and on creating the right, pleasant environment in it. You can buy something new from accessories. It is also important to get rid of unnecessary old things. Since they strongly block financial flows emanating from the number 8. Try to make contacts in society, if necessary. If you have a balanced and calm character, it will be easy for you to gain the trust of others. You have to be flexible and act according to the circumstances.

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Talismans of good luck for the week from 10 to 16 July 2023

Infinity sign. The turned eight is one of the best talismans of good luck and magnets for success in these seven days. Infinity represents the power of the universe, its immensity, and its generosity.

Gold. Gold jewelry is one of the main symbols of wealth and success. This metal symbolizes financial well-being and attracts money luck. Gives motivation. All this goes well with the energy of the Eight. Gold goes well with such mascot stones as ruby, amber, pyrite, and other representatives of the element of Fire.

Red color. Red is the color of the winners. It is he who will be the most important this week, but do not overdo it with him, as he can scatter attention, and it is extremely important for representatives of many professions.

May this week bring you many pleasant and bright emotions? Numerologists strongly recommend choosing the path of goodness and creation. The destructive path can be short and effective, but the consequences can be very upsetting. Just in case, try to check our financial horoscope. For even more information on how to act to find happiness.

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