Mystical stories on film sets or just people’s fantasies

Mystical stories on film sets or just people’s fantasies. Have you heard of such things, maybe about your favorite movies?

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A series of sad incidents that often happen in making films has given rise to a terrible fact: almost all films associated with mysticism, esotericism, and supernatural forces somehow influence the fate of actors, directors, and other members of the film crew. Not all actors agree to roles in mystical films, and this is not due to superstition, but because of irrefutable evidence that such films will not lead to anything good.

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The film “The Dark Knight” confirmed this. One of the characters was played by Heath Ledger. His character (Joker) can be called the devil. This demonic role did not lead to anything good: soon after the end of filming, the actor died from an overdose of sleeping pills. After the release of the ill-fated film, another member of the film crew, Morgan Freeman, was in danger. The actor was in a terrible accident and miraculously survived.

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The legendary film “Poltergeist”, written by Steven Spielberg, has become truly cursed. Already during filming, four actors died: three of them died from terrible diseases, and one actress was strangled directly to the music from the mystical film. Jo Beth Williams, who played one of the roles in Poltergeist, also witnessed otherworldly forces. Every time she returned home from filming, she discovered all her paintings and photographs hanging askew. At a photo shoot dedicated to “Poltergeist,” one of the actresses was unsuccessful in the photo: her whole face lit up. As it turned out later, at the moment when the photographer captured the actress on film, her mother died.

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A trail of tragedies and failures followed the heroes of all the film adaptations of the film “Superman”. Everyone who has ever dressed up as a hero on set has ended their life tragically. The first actor to play this role was Kirk Elin. After filming this film, he left the world of cinema forever, as he was no longer offered a single role. The second Superman, George Reeves, was shot dead a couple of days before his wedding with his bride. The last Superman, Christopher Reeve, spent the last years of his life in a wheelchair. The actor was paralyzed after falling from a horse. However, the tragic fate affected not only the performers of the role of the superhero. Actress Margot Kidder, who played Superman’s fiancée, ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

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The film “Rosemary’s Baby” is also shrouded in mysticism and inexplicable situations. According to the plot of the film, one woman was carrying the child of Satan, who in the future was to become the Antichrist. After the film’s release, Satanists broke into the director’s house and killed five people, including his wife. The director himself avoided this fate since he was not in the house at that moment. The film’s composer, Krzysztof Komeda, died that same year. His death occurred according to almost the same scenario as the death of one of the heroes of the film.

What movies do you know on which sets have happened strange mystical things?

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