Moving homes: how to make the process as efficient as possible

 Moving is an extremely responsible task. It is very important not only to move things from one place to another but to do it right. Here the advice of experts in the field of bioenergetics and esotericism will come to your aid.

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Get out

Cleaning is important both in a new home and in an old one. Many have probably heard that before leaving when all your things have already been transported, you need to clean up. It is extremely important to do wet cleaning – it can be symbolic. You should start cleaning from the far ends of the house or apartment and gradually go to the exit. After that, pour out the water and throw away the rag yourself. According to observations, this will help to take good luck with you.

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When moving, take home with you

This is very, very important. Many underestimate the seriousness of this item when moving, and in vain. The brownie moves either on a broom or in a basket. Especially for a brownie, a broom is placed in a dark corner. This broom does not sweep. It acts as a kind of guardian. If you are just planning a move, you can buy a broom so that the brownie gets used to it. This will take about a week. Place the broom with the broom up in some place hidden from view – preferably in the kitchen or in the hallway. Just before leaving for a new place of residence, you need to knock on such a broom three times and say: “A new house is waiting for us.” The brownie will “cling” to the broom and go along with you.

If there is no broom, you will need a basket. It is not necessary to buy a handmade wicker basket, it could be a plastic basket. Put something sweet in it to attract the brownie. When you go to a new house or apartment, try to put treats in the basket for 30-40 minutes and say: “Here are some treats for you. Come with us to a new house. Then go about your business, then pick up the basket and leave the dwelling to which you will never return.

It is believed that the brownie himself can move. Yes, sometimes you don’t need to do anything for this, but it’s better not to risk it. You can also invite him simply into the box by putting sweets there, but in no case should the box be closed.

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Moving ritual with a pie

If your life in this or that house or apartment was not the most pleasant, then before leaving, bake a salty pie and eat at least a small piece with your loved ones. After that, you can say to yourself or out loud: “Leave everything bad here: bitterness, tears, and trouble. I’m going on a new path with a new home.”

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If life has been good, bake a sweet cake, but you will have to eat it completely by now. After you have done this, also say out loud or to yourself: “Let all good things go with me. May it be as pleasant as it was here.”

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Useful signs and rituals for moving

When all things have already been transferred and you enter the house for the first time, closing the door behind you and leaving the past behind you, step over the threshold with your left foot and say a simple but important conspiracy: “May my house be saved from evil and adversity. Luck is not allowed to exit this door. So be it. ”

It is also worth fumigating the room from negativity. You can do this immediately upon arrival. To do this, you will need a handful of dry wormwood. You can mix it with nettle and juniper, or just use juniper. Go around all the rooms of the house or apartment so that the smoke penetrates into all corners of your new home. Such a rite is needed only for those. Who moves into a dwelling in which someone has already lived before them?

In the first few days in a new house, there should be fresh flowers. The best flowers for stabilizing energy flows are lavender and tulips. If there are no flowers, you can try spreading dry lavender flowers around the house.

When all things are transported, let the pet take the first step into the new premises, as already in your legal home. Even if it’s some kind of hamster, let him cross the threshold first.

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Celebrate housewarming.

Housewarming must be celebrated within two weeks. Some experts say up to a month, but it’s up to you. It is important to have a housewarming party as soon as possible. To do this, you need to invite the most pleasant close people. Those who can bring you negativity are best left behind, as they can infect your new home with dark energy.

Moving is a change of scenery, and a change of scenery always has a good effect on a person’s energy. For this reason, I advise making this event something pleasant. Moving should be joyful because the first day in a new home can set the tone for the coming weeks of living in a new place.

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