Money lunar calendar for April 2024: use it to choose the best days for business and new endeavors!

Financial problems sometimes overtake everyone. The lunar calendar will help you avoid them in the second month of spring. Try to follow the recommendations of the lunar calendar to stay afloat during this difficult time.

April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd: The waning Moon in Capricorn is an excellent combination for financial matters and work. The first three days of April will be the main major chord for most people who want to get ahead in work, business, and finances. From the 1st to the 3rd, you can take on the most difficult cases and not be afraid of responsibility.

April 4th, 5th: the waning of the Moon in Aquarius is not the best time for earning money and active work. This position of the Moon will negatively affect our ability to make sound decisions. It is better to postpone important purchases – for example, on the 6th, or 7th, when the Moon will be more harmonious and positive.

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April 6th, 7th: The aging Moon in Pisces is an ideal combination for intellectual and creative work, financial activity, and any matters related to money. During these three days, you can take out loans, apply for a mortgage, exchange goods, and sell. You can also treat yourself and your loved ones to something pleasant.

April 8th, 9th: April 8th – New Moon in Aries. This is almost always a difficult financial period. It is not recommended on this day to change jobs, engage in important negotiations, solve legal problems, or get into debt. The 9th is the first day of the Moon’s growth in the same Sign. This is already a more pleasant day for work, but not for prudent activities.

April 10th, and 11th: these days you can spend a little on entertainment and relaxation, but otherwise the growing Moon in Taurus will not be so generous. It is better to focus on simple and pleasant things. If you suddenly need to buy something urgently, be careful.

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April 12th, 13th: the waxing Moon in Gemini, and even in the initial stage of activity – this is an ideal period for financial investments in your development. It is very useful on such days to buy books, training programs, and sign up for courses. You can also spend money on loved ones, and on transforming your home.

April 14th, and 15th: in the middle of the month, the active Moon will meet Cancer. These days will not be particularly favorable for shopping and shopping in general. It is better to postpone any expenses. It is better to devote yourself to simple work or relaxation.

April 16th, 17th, 18th: The waxing Moon in Leo feels very, very good, so financial spending during these three days will be extremely successful for most people. The Moon and the element of Fire will make us strong and motivated.

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April 19th, 20th: the growth of the lunar disk under the auspices of Virgo is not the best time for shopping. The Earth element and the active Moon phase are not suitable for teamwork. It is important to show independence and responsibility.

April 21st, 22nd, and 23rd: The rise of the Moon in Libra is a great time to transform your appearance. You can spend money on a new hairstyle or manicure. As for very large expenses, such as buying a house or car, they are also allowed, but only in cases of extreme necessity or if there is a significant discount.

April 24th, 25th: Full Moon in Scorpio – a very dangerous day. On the 24th, you should abstract yourself from work and financial activity. The first day of the waning moon on April 25th will also be held under the auspices of Scorpio. This is a good combination for moderate financial activity, work, shopping, and opening a new bank account.

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April 26th, 27th, and 28th: The waning of the Moon in Sagittarius immediately after the Full Moon is a great time for new beginnings, shopping, creative activity, and making important decisions. During these three days, you should not shirk work and put off paying off loans and debts until later. Shopping on the Internet will also be useful.

April 29th, and 30th: the last two days of the month will pass under the auspices of Capricorn. The elements of the Earth and the waning of the Moon are not the best combination for shopping. During these two days, money will love peace and order. On the other hand, you can start planning purchases and affairs for the future.

Try to use money talismans more often. Do not ignore the advice of the lunar calendar. In this case, things will go uphill faster. Remember that no matter how negative a particular day may be, its outcome depends not only on the Moon but also on you and me.

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