Money horoscope for the week from March 25th to March 31st, 2024

The money horoscope is especially relevant now, because the height of spring, the holiday season, warmth, and the blossoming of nature are ahead. Many of us could use the advice of money horoscope. At the end of March, it is important to continue to work hard, trying to attract cash flows into life.

To ensure that finances do not transfer even during difficult periods, it is important to plan expenses, as well as monitor your emotional and physical state so as not to burn out, so you need to rest and reboot between working days. Especially now, when our body is being rebuilt energetically. Money meditation will help solve the problem, and recommendations from money horoscope will tell you how to attract luck to your side. The start of the week will be very difficult due to the lunar eclipse on Monday. It can confuse plans, so it is important to start this period correctly.

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For Aries, the time has come for changes in the financial sphere, so you shouldn’t be distracted by everything else. Even too much interaction with family or a loved one can distract them from more important matters. However, other areas should not be completely excluded from attention: this is especially true in the area of ​​health. Now it is better not to waste money and not rely too much on outside help.


The more urgent tasks in work and business Taurus complete now, the more stable their financial situation will be in the future. Invest in material assets: this way you can see where the money is going and whether it is bringing the desired benefits. Household purchases that will add a bit of comfort to everyday life will be good.

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Geminis will have to make a shopping plan and stick to it, since spontaneous purchases risk being of poor quality or simply unnecessary, needlessly making a hole in the personal or family budget. It is useful to spend a little time searching for reviews on a particular product on the Internet and clarify the opinions of loved ones. To attract financial flows, you should pay attention to the red color in clothes.


Cancers are recommended to make purchases in the second half of the work week, starting on Thursday or Friday, or even set aside a weekend for this. The mood of the heavenly bodies during this period will be stable. The main thing is that Venus and Mercury are strong – they will stabilize the situation and help preserve or increase money. On Monday, Cancers need to beware of scammers and not make empty promises to anyone.

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Based on the financial astrological forecast for these seven days, Leo is expecting victories in the business field, which can lead to an increase in income. We are talking only about those Leos who will monitor their reputation and will not question their competence. Leo job seekers are likely to find a promising job. Inaction and laziness will add to financial and work troubles.


During the period from March 25 to March 31, Virgos are not immune from troubles at work, but a little shake-up can even be useful if you turn it to your advantage: be fully armed, be present at the workplace at the right time, and don’t be lazy. Such zeal can serve both income and reputation well. It is better to discuss overtime with management in advance, using a calm tone and compelling arguments in the conversation.

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Libra, according to the financial horoscope, needs to be attentive to details, especially when paying for purchases. You need to keep track of whether your wallet or bank card has been forgotten and double-check that the data is correct. This approach will protect Libra from annoying mistakes and small but unpleasant monetary losses. As for earnings, for now, it’s worth continuing to work at the same pace and not losing ground. Mercury and Venus are ready to help.


Scorpios shouldn’t go into the red this week by spending too much money, borrowing left and right, taking out loans, or simply spending money carelessly. The sooner Scorpios begin to control income and expenses, the better: it is advisable to take up this matter from the first days of the week. Negative Mars and an eclipse on Monday will do their job, depriving Scorpios of motivation. You need to learn to pull yourself together and not give in under pressure.

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The monetary sphere can change significantly during this period for Sagittarius: changes, business trips, bonuses, salary increases, as well as risks are quite likely. Sagittarius definitely shouldn’t wait for the water to flow under the lying stone: success will come into the hands of those who boldly meet it halfway. Even if money is flowing like a river now, it is necessary to set aside some money in reserve.


Attention to detail will lead Capricorns to success: this week even little things that are invisible at first glance will help them win significant victories. This circumstance can be used to your advantage: keep track of discounts and advantageous offers, find a way to increase the loyalty of your superiors to your person, and not miss a suitable vacancy or a purchase that will last a long time.

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The end of the work week is a particularly good time for shopping with Aquarius. Monday and Tuesday are best reserved for moderate work and rest due to the eclipse, but Saturday is a good day for major acquisitions. However, it is important to be confident in your choice: do not take the first thing you come across or get too carried away with shopping. Spending on health is also beneficial.


This week, Pisces can change their financial situation if they begin to change themselves. It’s time to stop telling yourself “I can’t”, “I’m unlucky”, “wealth is not about me” and so on. It’s time to believe in yourself and your purpose. You can spend money on the necessary training or courses, and invest in your image, especially if you have interviews or important meetings ahead. It is better to focus not on momentary joys but on long-term investments for the sake of the future.

To prevent finances from being transferred, sometimes ordinary efforts are not enough: if cash flows are blocked by negativity, all efforts can lead to a waste of energy with insignificant results. In this case, working with financial channels is necessary. Fortunately, at the end of March, you and I can handle a lot.

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