Money and career horoscope for the week from April 8th to April 14th, 2024: your money luck will depend on you!

Money and career horoscope for the week from April 8th to April 14th, 2024: your money luck will depend on you! There is nowhere in our world without money. You need to be able to not only earn money but also spend it rationally, otherwise financial problems will be a constant companion in life. It is always worth paying attention to the advice of money and career horoscope, and this week is no exception.

For most of us, this week will be the most dangerous time of spring, so most people will have to solve financial and work problems and take care of business. This will be a very difficult time for almost all Zodiac Signs because the planets are in a terrible position right now. Mercury is in a good sign, but retrograde, and Venus is destructive. This week on Monday there will also be a total solar eclipse, the negative consequences of which can be very long-lasting for any area, including financial. Money and career horoscope recommends starting the week by cleaning up your home to make it energy-positive. This will help maintain at least a bit of luck.

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Aries is facing a very intense and dynamic week, which may begin with large and unforeseen financial difficulties. It is worth fighting energy depletion, which can occur due to the incorrect distribution of resources, time, and effort. It is better to refrain from large and unnecessary purchases, but you can make nice small gifts for yourself on Saturday and Sunday.


Taurus should forget about their innate intuition. This is a very bad time to use it as a decision-making tool, especially financial ones. Usually, when there are doubts, this means that buying this or that item is not worth it. Now it works flawlessly. Money and career horoscope notes that unexpected financial expenses are possible this week. It is advisable to return part of the debts, if any.

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Gemini has a very busy week ahead with a lot of important events, many of which may not be the most pleasant. Also, these people need to focus on work, leaving less time for rest. Minor financial and work tasks should remain in the background. All the most important things need to be decided immediately but without haste. Shopping now is not profitable, especially if made via the Internet.


Cancers can have very big problems with intuition. This means that you definitely can’t trust your heart in everything. In the process of making purchases and concluding some transactions, it is better to rely on common sense and logic. Money and career horoscopes do not recommend using intuition even as a tool for getting out of difficult critical situations when there is simply no time to think. It can provoke a large outflow of money and loss of status.

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Leos should conduct financial affairs with extreme caution. The planets will be extremely destructive in terms of mood and energy. To find a path to success in work and finance, Leos will need to find new allies. You need to believe in yourself to stay afloat. It’s important to keep the fire burning within yourself now, but it’s even more important to not give up on your goals.


The period from April 8th to April 14th is the most dangerous for financial activity and activity in general. Virgos will not have any luck in the financial sphere this week, just like other Signs. This is the worst time for shopping, investing, and learning. It’s time to attract positive thoughts into your life because only they will become a source of stability. Of course, to do this you will have to surround yourself with nice people. Positive communication will benefit Virgos.

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Libra begins a period of struggle, and not always with opponents of equal strength. This means that you need to stop being afraid of difficulties. Money and career horoscopes advise giving away debts. The stars are in a very bad position, so a flood of negative thoughts is possible. The longer Libra remains in the shadow of their doubts, the faster the money will move away from them. Optimism and pessimism are Libra’s enemies now. A realistic view of things is your best friend.


Scorpios are very likely to find their purpose in life. This will happen due to encountering difficulties and problems. This time is not suitable for changing jobs, opening a new business, or making expensive purchases. It’s very good if you have a vacation planned for this week. It is better to postpone travel too. If you can’t put them aside, it’s better to keep your eyes open.

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Sagittarius will have very little money luck. It is better not to spend all your time on work, but leave some time for relaxation. Both serious expenses and purchases of various unnecessary small things will become dangerous. Money and career horoscopes strongly advise against buying a plane, train, or other transport tickets now. It will be very difficult to deal with organizational issues, so it is better to postpone this.


It’s time for Capricorns to understand themselves and their goals for the near financial future. To do this, they should engage in spiritual practices, and self-development, and gain important knowledge and experience. In many money matters, it will be useful to use the advice of others. You may have to reconsider some priorities and work plans for the future. Possible negative events will push them towards this.

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Aquarians should not engage in work matters that are not on the list of the most important. Only those things that Aquarius likes can be successful. You can do the cleaning, devote your time to your family, buying something nice for your significant other and children, but it’s better not to spend too much since Mercury in the retro phase can cloud your mind. The best way to protect yourself from money problems is to not buy anything without a purpose yet.


The week is suitable for calm and measured intellectual work. It is better to solve possible financial and work problems in the period from 8th to 14th not with brute force but with words. You need to try to agree with this or that person, no matter who he is. Fortune will not follow Pisces, but it is not needed in cases where a person does not create obstacles for himself and does not make decisions in a hurry.

Many rely only on luck, while others think that hard work will save them. In both cases, it is necessary to take into account the power of self-hypnosis. You need to set yourself up for success, and not blindly hope for it. In this case, all your desires will come true, albeit not in such a dangerous time as now.

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