Money and career horoscope for the week from April 1st to April 7th, 2024: this week will be a lot changes in career

Money and career horoscope for the week from April 1st to April 7th, 2024: this week will be a lot changes in career. The astrological situation is constantly changing, which primarily affects the monetary sphere. In a hurry, you can miss important nuances that completely change the picture of what is happening. But this does not threaten those who are accustomed to checking their financial horoscope.

The coming April could kick off with dramatic financial and work upheaval due to the start of Mercury retrograde on Monday 1st. There may be common problems that require immediate solutions. In the business sphere, many Zodiac Signs will experience a period of turmoil and unpredictable changes, when it will become very difficult to increase income.

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During the period from April 1st to April 7th, it is important for Aries not to get confused and drown in their fears and complexes. The main difficulty of this period is that Aries will receive a lot of unreliable, false information. If the question of making an important decision suddenly arises, they may make a mistake. Money and career horoscope advise turning off emotions, acting gently and slowly, and also remembering that the current situation will not last long, you just need to wait a little. In the financial sphere, you can count on help from loved ones.


Retro-Mercury prophesies fateful moments for Taurus. The beginning of April will not be easy, but it can be a time of big changes, even if it seems that nothing special is happening. This month it is advisable to take stock, start planning, and bring current work to completion. The stars do not advise taking out large loans. Firstly, it is dangerous during Mercury retrograde, and secondly, this will not solve your problems. Living within your means is what the planets call for.

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Money and career horoscope do not recommend Geminis to change jobs or open a new business. For now, it’s better to stick to familiar shores and move at a familiar pace. From April 1st to April 7th, it is important to take care of maintaining financial stability by refraining from radical changes that are likely to not bring the desired result. It’s also best not to buy anything expensive just yet.


Mercury will not make Cancers feel safe in the financial sector. Throughout the week, he will constantly throw up problems similar to those that had to be resolved in the past. This will remind Cancers of walking in circles, so money and career horoscope advise relying on the help of the sixth sense, heightened by Venus, and also looking for a non-standard approach to complex matters. In general, Cancers have every chance of snatching financial victory from the clutches of their rivals.

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Leos should remember that now they need consistency in all matters. Due to general astrological trends, the week will be a time when you need to put everything on pause. It is not possible to do the minimum amount of work and get the maximum amount of money for it. But you will have to take responsibility more often and solve organizational issues. Prudence is not a vice, but it’s better not to use deception in early April. It certainly won’t help you earn a lot of money, but it will ruin your reputation.


In April, negative attitudes will gain particular strength. Virgos don’t need to think, everything is bad because Mercury materializes it instantly. You need to be patient: from April 1st to April 7th you will have to work a lot and save, but Virgos know how to do this, and no worse than anyone else. Because of Mercury, Virgos may find themselves in a difficult and confusing situation. It is important to fight in such moments with feelings of uncertainty, emotional devastation, and doubt.

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Thanks to the negative influence of retro Mercury, this week will be unfavorable for making a statement and openly demonstrating your ambitions. Libra will become less persuasive, self-confident, and less active. Increased suggestibility and emotionality can also prevent Libra from adhering to the previously taken financial and work course. Plans under the influence of Mercury can change frequently. You need to be careful when handling money.


The week from April 1st to 7th is an explosive time. Mercury is in a good sign, but its retro phase creates tense energy, which will push many Scorpios to spontaneous and even rash decisions. These people need to control their expenses, otherwise money will begin to leave them at great speed, provoking the beginning of a black streak. Money and career horoscope advise thinking about every purchase and maintaining composure in your work. This is how Scorpios will find and maintain success.

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The month will begin with unpleasant news and events. Sagittarians are now contraindicated for sudden changes. It will be possible to destroy the current situation, which prevents you from getting rich, a little later, but for now it is better to temporarily suspend the flow of bold initiatives. It is best to devote the week from April 1st to April 7th to routine matters, without setting too ambitious goals. The main thing is, to be honest with yourself, then the money will not go away.


The retrograde motion of Mercury will make Capricorns less fortunate. Money and career horoscope advise them to rest a little more this week and get less tired. You should not expect career advancement and increased earnings. It is better to act with soft force. You need to move towards your goal smoothly and step by step, without unnecessary pressure. It is especially important to be skeptical about information and beware of people who make money dishonestly: they can set you up or deceive you.

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The retrograde of Mercury, the patron of monetary luck for Aquarius and all people in general, indicates that the time has come for a temporary respite. Money and career horoscope recommend using this week to strengthen your rear and maintain authority. Correct prioritization will save you from unnecessary losses. At this time, you can not be afraid of helping people for the sake of future success. It is also useful to save money for large purchases in the future.


The pursuit of easy money can end disastrously for Pisces. The work will require enormous energy expenditure and will not let Pisces go under any circumstances. From April 1st to April 7th, things will require especially active participation. That is why it is important to correctly distribute working time and energy so as not to burn out at work. Some obstacles will constantly arise that can be overcome with the right attitude and making decisions with a cool head.

According to general forecasts, April and its first week in particular will be quite unpredictable. Big problems with money are not expected, but extreme caution should be exercised when making important decisions. Money and career horoscope recommend starting to think positively to ward off financial failures.

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