Money and career horoscope for the week from April 15th to April 21st, 2024: not everyone will like the situations this week

Money and career horoscope for the week from April 15th to April 21st, 2024: not everyone will like the situations this week. I deciphered the secret clues of the stars and planets, preparing a financial horoscope for this week. This is a time that promises to be difficult for many Zodiac Signs in financial and work matters.

In principle, this is a difficult time for the business sector. This is due to Mercury, which is still retrograde. The reason for this is Venus, which is still destructive, which also does not add good luck in business. If you don’t plan important things and major purchases for these seven days, but take a break or take a vacation, the result may well please you. There is still a general decline in activity, so you are unlikely to lose anything if you focus on quiet routine activities or relaxation.

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This week Aries may feel pressure from the outside. Almost nothing depends on these people now. The right strategy is to devote a week to professional self-improvement and advanced training, because it may come in handy later. It is also recommended to pay close attention to the details. In the surrounding events, you can notice something valuable and important that will help in financial and career growth in the future.


The week is unfavorable financially, especially for money loans. Taurus risks jeopardizing their position at work if they take undue risks. The aggressive influence of the planets suggests that now is the time to consolidate successes, and not to chase something unattainable. In order not to drive themselves into stress, Taurus should approach any problems philosophically.

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Gemini will be able to change working conditions or jobs a little later, but now it’s better to be careful. Unexpected turns in financial matters are possible: you should be on your guard. Geminis are advised to get rid of thoughts like “I’m poor,” “I can’t do anything,” and “Money passes me by.” Self-confidence and calm are the best antidote to Mercury retrograde.


Cancers should be afraid of even the most justified financial risk and bold work initiatives: there will still be time to make themselves known. Unexpected obstacles are possible, even in everyday affairs. Don’t expect a spontaneous increase in income, promotion, or new job offers. You will have to make your own decisions, so you should remain prudent.

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If Leo is visited by even the slightest euphoria from financial success, the risks of defeat and bankruptcy will immediately skyrocket. In order not to create problems for yourself, it is important to be simpler and not chase excessive profits. Leos may not count on income growth now, but if they approach everything with a cool head, income growth will be possible in the foreseeable future. What is needed now is initiative, self-confidence, and diplomacy in communication.


Virgos can be made aware of their weaknesses and past mistakes. In order not to remain among the laggards, representatives of this Sign need to restrain negativity and stress in critical situations. Timely measures to combat anxiety are Virgo’s best financial assistance. This week it is worth holding off on large expenses and purchases on credit. Monotonous and responsible work will save the situation.

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It is now important for Libra not to overdo it with work, because their main patron, Venus, is weakened in Aries, which means the risk of burnout increases. There may be profitable offers that will bring profit but will require dedication. The best day for shopping is Sunday. If you want to get a salary increase, it is better not to negotiate with customers or bosses yet, but simply prove yourself as a good employee.


The movement of Mercury in the opposite direction foreshadows a decline in business activity for Scorpios. Money and career horoscopes advise people of this Sign to do routine things this week. You can invest in education or advanced training – this will help your career growth in the future. Scorpios who work for themselves will be successful, but only if they do not make emotional decisions.

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The week will be rich in events in the professional sphere, but money and career horoscopes advise Sagittarius to be patient because not all of these events will be pleasant. However, income growth and career success are possible. If there is a desire, both a promotion and a salary increase are possible. Projects that require large investments are best postponed until better times.


Capricorns are highly likely to experience some important events in the area of ​​career and money. Healthy optimism will save these people from fiasco, but anxiety, fear or uncertainty will directly and not in the most positive way affect their earnings. Now it is strictly forbidden to lend money and take loans – both from the bank and from loved ones.

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For Aquarius, all the best will begin on the weekend – before that, there will be days of build-up, which can be spent on collecting information, monitoring, and analysis. Aquarius will have the opportunity to think carefully about their next steps so as not to miss the chance to get rich or profitably invest money that will appear in the future. This is a good time to plan. The week may be quiet and calm, but you should not hope for it.


From April 15 to April 21, events may occur that will make it impossible to discern the final goal or profitable prospects, but after that, the fog will clear. Pisces will need patience and the ability to wait. It is worth preparing and putting your financial papers, affairs, and documents in order. This is the worst time to travel and try to find a new job. In complex issues related to money and work, you should be extremely careful and objective.

Control yourself and don’t take unnecessary risks. This will allow you to avoid difficulties. Try to rest on time and not overload yourself with useless work. We wish you good luck in this difficult, but already relatively calm time. 

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