Money and career horoscope for April 2024: very difficult time

Money and career horoscope for April 2024: very difficult time. Often our luck or bad luck in the financial sphere is a consequence of the influence of the planets. Even a little financial luck can break the shackles of poverty, so it’s important to catch it by the tail. The advice for April will help you with this.

April is a very difficult period for the financial sector. The reason for this is extremely simple – retrograde Mercury, which will begin its reverse movement on the 1st. This will affect our affairs most unpleasantly. The planet is in a good position, but due to its retrograde motion, Mercury will cause constant disruptions to plans, and what happens on the financial battlefield will not always reflect the real situation. Try to remember the mental reasons for lack of money so as not to give yourself a reason to go down the wrong path.

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Yes, April falls during the period of retro-Mercury, the main money planet, but this will not be a time of total monetary chaos for Aries. In general, this will be a good time to solve financial problems and fight poverty and failure. It is worth looking for ways to increase income. The main task of Aries for the current period is to talk less and do more. This advice is suitable for anyone who wants to run into problems less often.


In April, Taurus needs to analyze their past victories and understand what exactly helped them get to the top at one time or another. This will help them become richer and more successful now. Venus still helps the representatives of this Sign. However, you need to be careful with your ambitions. Excessive ambition can push you to take rash steps. Now it is important to deal with debts.

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Retro-Mercury is extremely dangerous for Gemini: dramatic changes are coming in the monetary sphere, but it is not yet known what their nature will be. Until April 25, Gemini should move at an even and calm pace, without risks. Mercury is the main planet of Gemini, governing financial flows, so they will have good luck at work, in business, and during purchases and transactions at the very end of the month.


Despite the problems with Mercury and Mars, the outflow of energy for Cancers will not be so powerful. These people will still have every chance of financial success. The events of April will contribute to achieving your main financial goals, so money and career horoscope advises not to wait, but to act, although carefully. You can even focus on achieving stability. Determination and hard work are the main recipe for success in attracting money.

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To increase their chances of success, Leos should strive not to gain new knowledge, but to put into practice the experience they have already gained. This will pay good dividends in April. Money and career horoscopes advise Leos to include that part of their personality that is capable of anticipating failure. Opportunities will appear, but not all of them will be realized. In April, it is better not to rely on intuition. Premonitions can make life much more difficult for Leos.


Perhaps it is in April that Virgos will be able to not only increase their income but also predict possible troubles and avoid them. Yes, Mercury is in the retro phase, but this can play into Virgo’s hands. Unless they act recklessly. The energy support of the planet is weak, so Virgos may begin to doubt themselves and their abilities, but they must not give in. The habit of blaming others is the worst financial mistake of April.

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Money and career horoscope recommends that Libra slow down and switch to routine affairs. This will help them move on. Money and career horoscope recommend devoting April to reviewing your value system, setting priorities, setting new goals, planning purchases and vacations, solving financial problems, and strengthening your position at work. At the end of the month, Libra may come up with a brilliant idea.


Scorpios may receive an offer that at first glance seems devoid of any common sense. In the long term, it can bring them long-term success and serious enrichment, but it is important to remember the roulette effect. You can’t take risks. You need cold calculation and caution so as not to fall to the very financial bottom by committing a rash act.

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For representatives of Sagittarius, retro-mercury will bring many problems. Minor setbacks at the beginning of the month can be very upsetting, but there will also be reasons for joy. The end of the month will be the ideal time to pave the path to wealth, so it makes sense to be bold in business. While Mercury is in the retro phase, it is better not to lose the respect of colleagues, clients, and superiors. Empty promises and deception are the worst enemies of financial success and stability.


Venus will have a positive impact on Capricorns, however, retro-Mercury will still provoke the emergence of new troubles in the financial sector. Even old emotional and psychological problems can become aggravated and take on new strength. This will make Capricorns feel uncomfortable. To avoid financial problems, it is better not to show yourself too brightly, avoid excessive initiative, and not spend a lot of money.

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Antagonist Mercury will pose the greatest danger to Aquarius and their wallet. Every missed detail now can lead to negative consequences, loss of money, and the creation of conditions that will be very unprofitable in the future. Money and career horoscope recommends creating a favorable environment at home and work by cleaning up and throwing away old unnecessary things.


Complete dedication and hard work will not lead Pisces to monetary success, but they will help maintain what they have previously achieved. These people should also be careful when working, shopping, and when making decisions. Care will be required when processing information. There are risks of being defeated by encountering the rudeness of others. In this regard, in April it is better to work alone, without contact with anyone.

Even if the astrological trends are negative, you will be able to keep yourself from dubious risks and damages. Adopt the habits of successful people and look at horoscopes more often, because they contain useful recommendations that will help you understand and adapt to the rules of the financial game.

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