Monetary lunar calendar for july 2023

Money matters worry us sometimes most often, and this is absolutely normal because without money there is neither stability nor tranquility. Astrologers told us about what will be every day of the second month of summer.

In order to be financially successful absolutely always, it is important to get rid of destructive character traits that prevent you from getting rich. Most people have these traits, so you probably have something to work on.

July 1, 2: the first two days of this month will be the last days of the moon’s rise. They will pass under the creative influence of Sagittarius. That is why they will become extremely useful for financial activity. At least July 2nd is correct, but the 1st is in question due to the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury.

July 3, 4: 3rd – Supermoon in Capricorn. This is a very unfavorable day for any financial transactions. On this day, everything can fall out of hand, so it is better to postpone complex projects for the next day. On July 4, the Moon will begin to wane in the same sign. This will already be a pleasant time to work and conduct any financial affairs.

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July 5, 6: The waning of the Moon in Aquarius will be positive. The fact is that the night star has not yet lost its strength, so such an alliance can be called favorable for financial transactions, work, and transactions of any scale.

July 7, 8: two days of the reign of Pisces will be ideal for mental work, and financial activity. On the 7th and 8th, you can safely buy everything that can make you better, stronger, smarter, and happier. The same applies to your relatives, in the second half. Don’t be afraid to give gifts these days.

July 9, 10: The waning Moon in Aries is the days of energy dissonance, but financial problems await us only on the 9th. The thing is that on July 10, a positive aspect between Mercury and Pluto will be relevant. It will smooth out the rough edges and keep us from spending a lot of money, destroying our careers, and losing our reputation.

July 11, 12: The waning of the Moon in Taurus is always good for the financial sector, for business, work, and household chores. These days, astrologers advise spending more time doing business. No need to be afraid of processing these days, independence, and increased responsibility.

July 13, 14, 15: three days of the Moon’s waning in Gemini are days of slight energy dissonance, doubts, and unwillingness to do serious work. The easiest way for us at this time will be to give tasks that are devoid of nervousness and do not require an increased level of attention.

July 16, 17: the last day of the waning of the moon on July 16 will be under the influence of Cancer. The element of Water will perfectly interact with the Moon, so we will expect great success in our work. This is a great day for teamwork. 17th – New Moon in Cancer. This is a good day for measured work.

July 18, 19, 20: the first three days of the growth of the moon will be under the influence of Leo. There is simply no better time to start important financial and work affairs. We will be full of confidence and motivation. All the most difficult things will move forward as successfully as possible, especially if you take your time.

July 21, 22: the growing Moon in Virgo will also be a very good time to work because the Moon has not yet had time to gain strength by this time, which will not lead to dissonance. Astrologers advise you to devote these two days to solving the most difficult problems and making forced purchases.

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July 23, 24, and 25: these three days will be more favorable for rest due to the relevance of the element of Air, represented by Libra. It will be possible to spend money on entertainment, new clothes, and emotions. On the 23rd there will be little strength due to the beginning of the retro-movement of Venus. On the other hand, calm projects and affairs will be carried out as efficiently as possible.

July 26, 27: The rise of the Moon in Scorpio is not always a good thing. On the 27th, unfortunately, there will be a conjunction of Mercury with Venus, which will have an extremely negative impact on our mood and productivity. The 26th is an auspicious day for image-related shopping. You can also invest in business development.

July 28, 29: the activity of the Moon in Sagittarius will bring us a lot of positive energy that can be used to strengthen positions in the financial sector. These are wonderful days for interviews, negotiations, buying train or plane tickets, and buying or repairing a car.

July 30, 31: the last two days of July will be held under the auspices of the elements of the Earth, represented by Capricorn. The growing Moon in this Sign feels bad, so financial affairs are at risk of going according to an unpleasant scenario.

Astrologers note that almost all days of July will be perfect for travel and change of scenery, business trips. In this regard, we advise you to remember travel signs. They will help you be even more efficient.

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